Commercial Kitchen Dos And Don’ts You Must Know

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When you’re running a restaurant or working in one, you have to use lots of different things in order to complete the restaurant’s menu. No matter how big or small the appliance might be, it is essential for the restaurant to keep operating under heavy workloads and keep contact with commercial appliances repair experts for instant repairs.

However, all the frequently used appliances in a restaurant’s kitchen are prone to getting dirty, or even breaking if they aren’t cleaned and maintained properly.

But there are certain rules to cleaning the appliances in your restaurant’s kitchen. Here are the dos and don’ts of cleaning commercial appliances.

Commercial Oven

Commercial ovens are one of the most used appliances in any restaurant’s kitchen. These ovens can get dirty really quickly because of food spills in them, and that’s why it is very important to keep them properly clean.

If you don’t properly clean these ovens, they can cause fires, or they might stop working without any prior warnings.

You should clean the spills in your commercial oven as soon as possible. Moreover, you should invest in the right pots for cooking in the oven to avoid food spills. Instruct your staff to use proper gear when picking up hot food from inside the oven.

However, you should never overload the oven beyond its capacity. Also, don’t leave the oven on when it isn’t in use, and keep the door closed as well. Avoid using soft plastic in your oven, as it can cause serious damage to the oven by melting.

Commercial Fryer

Fryers are really strong electrical appliances used in restaurant kitchens. If the fryers aren’t maintained properly, they can get burnt, or they can easily burn other things around them.

That’s why proper protective equipment should be used when you’re using the fryer. You should remove the oil from the fryer, and let it cool down to the room temperature before cleaning it properly. Don’t let any type of grime or grease accumulate on the surface of your fryer, as this can affect the quality of food you cook in your restaurant. To avoid this problem, try setting up the right temperature on the fryer. The device must also be properly maintained in order to keep it working in the long run.

Since fryers use hot oil to fry different types of dishes, you should avoid splashing hot oil whenever you’re trying to change it. Never try to even touch the fryer with your bare hands when there’s hot oil in it. Always follow the limits set by the manufacturer of the deep fryer to avoid any issues. This is how you can safely maintain the deep fryer in the long run.

Commercial Toaster

While commercial toasters are made to perform heavy duty tasks, they can also malfunction, and can even cause burns or fire in worst conditions.

Whenever you’re using the toaster to toast sandwiches, place it on a plain surface. Also, make sure that the wire of the fryer is perfectly insulated, and there’s no exposed copper. Use properly sized bread to make sure the fryer works at its peak efficiency. Never let the crumbs accumulate in the fryer, as these can cause fire hazard.

Never use metal objects to poke into the toaster, it can cause electric shocks, and can even be fatal. Never use the ingredients, like cheese or anything else, on the toaster. The toaster slots should always be used properly, and you should avoid overloading them. Toasters use a lot of electricity, and they can cause serious problems if left unattended.

Commercial Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers operated by electricity can also cause injuries like burns, and can cause electric shocks if left unattended, or used improperly.

You should let the cooker depressurize before opening it. You should also follow the rules mentioned by the manufacturer of the pressure cooker in order to use it properly. The steam can cause burns easily, so, you should keep the cooker face away from you when opening it.

Avoid overloading the cooker, as this can cause serious problems.

This is how you should use different appliances in your kitchen safely. Following the safety guidelines always and using advises from commercial kitchen appliance repair Alexandria services helps you in keeping your commercial kitchen safe to use.

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