How To Upgrade Your HVAC System For Better Heating

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The HVAC system in your house is responsible for providing both cool and hot air. Which means that you will be using it during the winters and summers as well. Owning an HVAC system means that it requires regular maintenance like other electric appliances. Following a regular maintenance plan and quickly doing heat pump repair is necessary and if you do that, your system will last for years to come. However, even then these things have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. Therefore, even if you were following the maintenance plan, chances are that it will simply die since its lifespan is complete. Therefore, the situation calls for an HVAC upgrade. In this article, we are going to discuss how to upgrade your HVAC system for better heating.

Use A HEPA Filter

HVAC systems consist of an air filter that filters the air it pulls from the outside before heating and providing it as cool air inside. These air filters are designed to collect dust, debris, and other potentially harmful particles that you would not want your family member to breathe. In addition to that, these dust particles can accumulate and damage the unit as well.

However, when it comes to air filters, there are several types. Some air filters are designed to trap even the smallest particles. The ability of an air filter to catch dust particles is measured by Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value on a scale of 1-20. The larger the number, the better the air filter traps dust particles. Furthermore, there are certain ways through which you can modify the HVAC system so that a HEPA air filter becomes compatible. If you were to manage to install a HEPA filter in your HVAC system, the air coming inside will be 99.97% pure, which is actually hospital-level air filtration.

Check The Ductwork

When it comes to upgrading your HVAC system, it does not necessarily mean, upgrading the components or anything particularly related to the system. With that being said, an efficient and effective way of updating your HVAC system could be related to the way the air travels inside the house. This is where ductwork comes in. HVAC Ductwork is a system of thin metal pipes that connects to the air vents in different rooms in the house. These pipes will either run through the walls, ceilings, or floors.

If you already have such a network installed in your house, you might need to get it inspected. Overtime, due to weather changes and several other reasons, these pipes could develop a leak, causing the air to disperse even before it reaches inside. Therefore, get your ductwork inspected and fixed in time before the HVAC system starts showing signs of trouble.

Upgrade To HVAC Zones

A common problem with HVAC systems is that some people in your house want cold air whereas others want hot air. This creates a problem and puts the HVAC system under pressure. However, there is a simple solution for it, upgrade to HVAC zones.

Most homes with HVAC systems have a single ductwork system. As a result, the entire temperature of the house needs to be set at a particular temperature, which is not feasible for everybody. Furthermore, it creates inconsistencies as well. This is why one room may feel cooler or warmer as compared to the other. However, if you were to install HVAC zones, you can set different temperatures for different rooms in the house. In addition to that, if your house is a two-story home, having HVAC zones is going to make things much easier in terms of the living environment.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

There was a time when HVAC units featured a manual thermostat. However, gone are the days, today programmable thermostats are installed in HVAC units that do a better job at heating and cooling. Even if you have gone on a long vacation and forgot to turn off the unit, you can still do it through an app installed on your phone. Since it will have custom settings as well, you should not have a problem when it comes to making your house comfortable in summers and winters.

Final Word

Sooner or later, upgrading your HVAC system is going to become a necessity. Therefore, if you were to consider and implement the upgrading tips mentioned above, you will have a clear direction of what needs to be done. Moreover, follow the advices of HVAC companies Arlington VA about maintenance and repair.

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