Factors to consider when going for human hair extensions

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Although hair extensions cannot conceal badly thinned areas and baldness but they are still enjoying unprecedented popularity. Among all kinds of extensions, it is obviously the real hair extension which is preferred. It is an amazing way to add length, highlights and volume to the hair. With more and more ladies opting for hair extension, it is necessary to know the fundamentals of buying real or human hair extension. You will be able to understand the entire industry of extensions by following the factors.

Take advice from a reputed hair consultant

The cost of real extension is premium and therefore if you want extension to cover your entire head, things will be expensive. It is important to get in touch with the hairdresser and seek advice. He can judge if your hair type may withstand bonded or clip-in extension. Clip in extension is instant and temporary. The bonded process uses glue in order to fuse the hair into the extension. It takes several hours to do so but the results are sure to last for months. If you have strong natural hairs only then go for real hair extension.

Human hair extension must be procured from a reliable source

It is important to make sure that the real hair extension you procure is 100% real and that the source is ethical. Get in touch with reliable manufacturer to make sure that the product you get is ethical. It must not be the mixture of fibers and human hair. Have a look at the packaging prior to purchase. There must be information like ‘100% real hair’. The hair which is sourced ethically will be of the highest quality and will also offer ‘traceability’ promise. You must be able to trace out the donor of the hair.

Real hair extensions are supplied in deep dyes

The demand for the human hair extension is on the rise and so hair extensions are available as highlighted, ‘dip-dyed’ and ‘ombre’. The looks that are favored by the celebrities can be attained with real extensions. Most of the manufacturers offer the extension in 10-20 shades altogether.

If you are looking to extend the life of human hair extensions rockville, you need to use shampoos and conditioners that are formulated specially for the extensions. They will help to retain the look and condition of the extension due to the extra moisturizing property. When you use the straightener, make sure not to exceed 200 degrees temperature.

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