Salon Vs At-Home Keratin Treatment – Why Salon Treatment Is Better

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Keratin is surpassing all limits of popularity day by day that’s why people are not dependent on a salon anymore for a keratin therapy. There’s a great deal of do-it-yourself keratin fans who think they can do it as good as a stylist does. Let’s try to find out who prevails in Brazilian keratin straightening salon vs at-home Keratin treatment!

Layperson vs Expert

It is easy to buy the necessary products, for example a keratin shampoo, and start doing it yourself, but what the expert knows is way beyond your spectrum of knowledge. Stylists working at different salons have studied this treatment and its intricacies thoroughly and have years of experience in this field while you are just a dabbler trying your hand at something for the first. So, there is a difference.

An expert is usually habitual of giving people this treatment on a daily basis, hence is quite good at it. They are basically masters of one trade while you are proving yourself to be a jack of all trades by taking up this task which does not belong to you in the first place.

Before, you choose between yourself and a salon, you better be taking this point into consideration.

Price Differentiation Between the Two

Of course, you should be ready to pay much higher at a keratin hair salon than what you expect to pay yourself for the self-service. If you choose an at-home keratin, you just need to invest in the products you are buying, you would certainly service yourself for free, but is this all you need to worry about?

In terms of price, at-home keratin surely gets an edge over the former but what if the quality gets compromised? Would you be able to forgive yourself for compromising on your hair?

How Long the Result Stays

If you buy yourself a keratin shampoo, it will straighten your hair but for a limited period of time. The duration of at-home keratin would be no longer than 3-6 days. Its result stays till you wash your hair thrice. If you shampoo your hair every day, the result is gonna fade after 3 days and in case you shampoo your hair in alternate days, the result is not going to stay any longer than 6 days.

In case you want the result to last for months, you will have to buy many bottles of the shampoo, and for your information, each bottle costs a great deal of money.

On the other hand, if you go for a salon treatment, after a one-time treatment you will not have to come back to the salon for three months. For 90 long days, you have nothing to worry about and you would be free to flaunt your smooth and shiny hair in front of the world.

Someone Accountable Vs Someone Given A Free Hand

When you are hiring somebody to give your hair a keratin treatment, they are fully responsible for that task, and if anything gets overdone or underdone, they are going to be held responsible for that. When someone knows they hold the responsibility for some work, they do it with finesse and perfection.

Same is not the case with a dabbler. A dabbler who has been set free to do whatever it takes to get the desired results might just get it all messed up due to his excitement.

Time Required at Home Vs Time Required at A Salon

Do-It-Yourself keratin does not take any extra time besides your daily routine whereas a salon may ask you to sit in a chair for at least 2 hours. At-home keratin gets done instantly while salon keratin treatment takes a little longer than that which is totally justified given that a professional’s hand is at work.

If you are in a salon, you should try to have chit-chat with your stylist during the process so that you don’t get bored or snooze in the midst of it. Also, it is a good opportunity to get to know your stylist on a personal level – this may help you have a lifelong relation with your stylist. However, when choosing a permanent hair straightening salon Rockville, make sure you check their quality of service and cost.

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