Home Improvement Information You Need to Know

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The saying “Fix it and flip it” is most often used in real estate and this is why a lot of homeowners opt to do major renovations before selling their house. Improving the place should increase the value if done correctly. This is why you need to know which ones are wise to invest in to make sure that your home’s value will surely increase. Furthermore, home additions are exciting to think about because you can picture your home differently again and in a more positive way. It is also crucial that you will not call up any random home builder right away the moment you think of it. Make sure you have enough knowledge 1st.

If you plan to remodel your kitchen

A lot of people consider the kitchen as the center of every home, which is why updating this room is worth it. Based on statistics, a kitchen remodel recoups 60% to 120% of the money you invested on remodeling the kitchen. Do not go overboard and you will be fine. You should not invest in making a deluxe kitchen because a big one has appliances and countertops that are more appropriate for a fancy restaurant than a home. The deluxe kitchen does not go with the rest of your home or where you live in. if you want to sell your home within 5 years from now, think of the potential buyers before doing any major remodeling because a lot of people will not pay for an expensive kitchen.

Curb appeal

Investing in items that add curb appeal can help improve the look of the property so that when buyers arrive, they will like what they see. Even if these projects do not add a huge monetary value, they are good for making your house sell faster. These items include a manicured lawn, minimal cost landscaping, clean carpets, new fixtures, and fresh paint. If you are skilled on home improvement, you can do these yourself to save time and money. It is not wise to spend for bold design choice because it is the accent walls and good backsplashes are what you can spend on to add more home appeal. Another thing you can improve on is the lighting, but do not overdo it. Install LED lights or recessed lights to make your home look modern.

Bathroom improvement

If you only have 1 bathroom in the house, you can allot a big part of your investment to another one. Based on research, it is estimated that a recoup of 80% to 130% can be added to whatever you spent for an additional bathroom.

In terms of finding a room to convert to an additional bathroom, check out extra rooms or unused spaces. You can think of other spaces like closets or a bathroom under the stairs would be good too. If you are thinking of a half bath, at least 18 square feet is needed and a one with a bathtub with a shower, 35 square feet is necessary for this improvement. Similar to any project, the cost of an additional bathroom would depend on the kinds of additions and accessories, and how much each item costs.

Approaches to home addition

You have options for this and the 1st one you can do is to contact a general contractor for design plans because they will find the right workers for the job, oversee the project that includes schedule coordination, making sure the job is done properly, and contacting the client to make sure that the project will be done how they want it.  Another option is to get a “tradesmen” to do the job for you. For instance, if you wanted to remodel the kitchen, they would call an architect to draw the plans, get in touch with the construction works for the building, and contact plumbers, electricians, and other necessary people so that everything goes well.

Home improvement is one of the best investments you can do, but make sure that you are wise about it. Contact the right people to get the best home addition design mclean va because buyers want to spend money on something that will be appealing to the eyes.


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