Tips to Ensure a Successful Experience with Table and Chair Rentals

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Table and chair rentals can help you pull off a successful party. It’s great when your chosen venue can provide you with tables and chairs. But what if they don’t? This is when renting tables and chairs become imperative.

Here are some tips to help you ensure a good and seamless rental experience.

Check the Delivery and Pickup Regulations in Your Venue

There are venues which have lots of storage space that will let you drop off the chairs and tables a day prior to your event and allow the items to be picked up after the occasion or the Monday following the event held on a Saturday. However, there are some places with strict guidelines and lack a storage space. For this reason, make sure that you inquire from the venue first to avoid any hassle.

Know Who Provides Labor and Its Corresponding Price

Will the venue’s staff setup and take down the chairs and tables for you? This is possible in most venues but some don’t offer this service. Once again, ask your venue if this is included. In case this is not part of their services, you have to prepare some cash as there is often an additional fee for setup and take down.

Assign Someone to Handle the Rentals

It is a must that there is someone on the site who will be in charge of the rentals. It could be your venue’s coordinator or someone you assign such as your event planner, friend, coworker, caterer or others. This person will be in charge of counting all items upon their arrival and pickup. It can be a hassle to lose a chair or table and there are instances when several chairs can get left behind as they were placed in a different area of the venue. When this happens, you will have to pay a replacement charge for these items.

Visit a Showroom to Choose Your Rentals

If you already know what you want, it is easy to place your order online or over the phone. But, if you find it hard to decide, the best thing you can do is to visit one of the showrooms and see the rentals for yourself. Many people prefer to come in and design the tables in the showrooms. There are some companies which setup a mock table with tables, chairs and linens of their choice. There are also some customers who prefer to bring their centerpieces, favors and other for them to see the full effect. A lot of customers even sit on the chairs to see if they are comfortable enough. Every showroom has its own types of tables offered, such as round, square, and rectangular in different sizes for you to get a feel of the kind of table that will work best for your event.

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