What Is The Difference Between Quartz And Cultured Marble Countertops

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There are so many materials for kitchen countertops. From granite to quartz to marble to ceramic to concrete, the options are virtually endless. Speaking of marble and quartz kitchen tops, here is a comparison between quartz countertops and cultured marble countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops need no introduction. This material is the best option if you want something that is durable but also doesn’t break the bank. Quartz is a great material for kitchen countertops and even outside the kitchen, such as in bathrooms and other places.

How It’s Made?

Quartz generally consists of pulverized and crushed up quartz and some other rocks, which are compacted together in the form of a huge slab. It is a man-made countertop material and it has exceeded in popularity among natural and other popular stones, like granite, marble, ceramic, etc. Quartz is also very easy to maintain. It doesn’t get scratched up too much because it is a very durable material, but even if scratches occur, you can use a filler of the same color and fill up the scratch or crack and call it a day.

Variety Of Colors

Quartz is durable, high quality, strong, almost unbreakable and has a vast range of colors and designs. You can go from the darkest color to the lightest color and you will be able to find something in quartz which will take you by surprise.

Water Resistant

Quartz is also great when it comes to water sensitivity and heat resistance. Quartz is a very compacted and non-porous material, so water, moisture, spilled food, etc. cannot penetrate into the composition of quartz.

Low Maintenance

There is also no need for special maintenance when it comes to quartz countertops. All you really need to do is to apply a top coat or varnish on the surface of quartz countertops to maintain its shine and lustrous appearance. It is also very easy to clean and doesn’t need to be cleaned with special cleaners and detergents. Soap and water do the job effortlessly.

It is also less expensive than granite, but it has more or less the same strength and durability as the strongest natural material used for countertops.

Cultured Marble Countertops

You might have heard a lot about marble and its beauty as a great countertop material. But marble is a very delicate material, which is why cultured marble countertops came into being.

How It’s Made?

Cultured marble is composed of marble and like quartz, it is made up of crushed up marble, fused together in the form of a slab. The only difference between quartz and cultured marble is obviously their composition. Cultured marble has its composition made up entirely of marble. It is a lot more stronger and durable than regular marble. The colors available in cultured marble are also quite diverse and you can go from light to dark colors with ease.


The best part about cultured marble is that even though it is technically marble, the strength is very much comparable with quartz countertops. It doesn’t scratch easily and it is heat resistant as well.

Since the compacted marble is covered with a layer of sealant to keep the slab in place and give the slab a lustrous and shiny appearance, the slab becomes much stronger than marble and any other natural stone.

The only drawback to cultured marble is that it can chip easily along the sides and places where the sealant has been removed. To prevent cultured marble from chipping easily, you need to get it resealed.

Low Maintenance

Other than that, cultured marble is very easy to clean and maintain for the most part. No special cleaners and tools are needed for its maintenance and regular wiping down is more than enough to keep these countertops last for ages. Another great thing about cultured marble is that it is less expensive than quartz and real marble, which makes it even more popular, eye-catching and much loved among a lot of people.

There you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about cultured marble countertops and quartz countertops, how they are similar to each other and how one is better than the other. It’s up to you what you want to choose for your kitchen countertops. Moreover, you can also take advice from a quartz countertop contractor Potomac.

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