Corporate entertainment trends 2015

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The Great Gatsby theme-based events and LED dance shows were the main highlights of corporate events last year. So, what corporate entertainment trends can we expect this year? Everything is incomplete without great corporate party rentals.

Tips for corporate party entertainment

Brazilian fun time: With 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics heading for Brazil, all things Brazilian is in demand for corporate entertainment trends – Samba dancers and drummers to Latin American bands to Capoeira artists to carnival horse! The Samba dancers outlandish colorful costumes are not only eye catching, but their infectious enthusiasm is an ideal way to set the pitch for the evening. Capoeira that began as a game for the slaves soon turned into a high energy dance and self defense technique to avoid punishment. A combination of jaw-dropping power, speed and acrobats, kicks and flips in a rhythm is bound to entertain the guests.

Technology entertainers – Like last year, iPad magicians and tablet caricaturists will continue to be popular because corporates prefer artists who can come with unique logos, branding ideas for their products. In order to impress a corporate client, technology in the form of iPad dance accompanied by great music is apt for product launches. The combination of technology, graphics and performance is perfect for product launch and other high profile events. Apart from this, technology such as holograms and video mapping can offer more personal interactive experience. Video mapping can be extended onto objects such as building, automobiles, etc. to create an astonishing effect.

Corporate suites – A suite at a sporting event is a great choice. In case you have a professional team in your city, renting out a suite for the evening can help build a relationship and strike deals. These suites include musical entertainment, delicious food, valet parking, to name a few.

Stay-cations – A concept that was once popular among the middle class American families seem to have taken the corporate world as well. Companies that have splurged on entertainment trips can go for local hotels or a weekend spot; private concert from a live band, golf trip at a local resort, dinner at a posh restaurant in the town.

The Great Gatsby effect continues – The 1920 The Great Gatsby-based events will continue because the classic theme has a broad appeal. Performers and their lavish costumes of the 1920s era, coupled with a grand theme will continue to rule the corporate entertainment trend this year!

New corporate entertainment trends keep emerging. Contact corporate party entertainers who will help plan and finalize your corporate event in a significant way!

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