How To Renovate Your Kitchen In 2019

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Kitchen Countertop

As you look back to the year 2018 where quartz kitchen countertops were the hottest trend of kitchen designs and will stay for the year 2019 hopefully, there were also many other kitchen trends which should take a back seat now. The trend of granite countertops which were very much in vogue have now taken a halt and the granite installers will have to find another niche to work on. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen then these are the trends you should follow for the year 2019.

Installing kitchen countertops

  1. Matting Everything

2019 will be a year of matte cabinets, matte hardware, and matte countertops. Matte kitchen s will give a sleek and subtle look without going overboard and sticking to the basics. Matte cabinetry and appliances are easy to maintain and clean and look very sophisticated.

  1. Tiles and Mosaic

Tiles will be the hottest kitchen trend in 2019. Tiles will now be used as countertops as well. Granite installers should now learn to install tiles as granite although is timeless and elegant now people prefer a change for their kitchen designs.

Tiles look elegant and unique and you have a wide array of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. There are now tiles made in different textures as well. You can go with any theme as you prefer. Mosaic will also be the hottest trend for countertops and walls for the kitchen.

A Moroccan kitchen with bright colors will be in trend for 2019. You can go with contrasting tiles for the floor and the walls.

  1. Dark Colors

Gone are the days of pure white and light-colored basic kitchens. The kitchen will be bold and dark in 2019. You can play with different colors. Maroon, turquoise and olive green will look luxurious and inviting in kitchens. There are also many different and classic dark colors available in quartz kitchen countertops which are veined, with crystals and flecked with stones and glass.

  1. Silver and Gold

Initially, the basic kitchen colors used to be brown, off-white and ivory but with the inset of 2019, kitchen trends will be a completely new experience. People are now beginning to realize the importance of exquisite colors in the kitchen as well. Gold and silver will be a new addition in the kitchens. Dull or bright gold cabinetry along with silver appliances and a contrasting countertop and walls will make your kitchen feel like an epitome of luxury. There are many silver and gold shades available in quartz kitchen countertops as well which you can choose from.

  1. Back to the Basics

2018 was modern and contemporary while 2019 will be basic and traditional. There will be a comeback of the natural stones and raw materials. This will include stones, wood, and bricks. The vintage look to your kitchen will look exotic and close to nature.

  1. Play with Sink

A sink is where you wash your hands and what if you get the dreamiest sink of 2019. Sinks are going one step further with glass sinks, copper sinks, hidden and closed sinks, uniquely shaped sinks, and also exquisitely designed sinks which you can only imagine. 2019 will bring your imagination to life and you can choose the most unique sink of all.

  1. Colorful Appliances and Stove

You might have always thought that you can get the stove and appliances in basic and neutral colors. But as 2019 is approaching you can get customized appliances for your kitchens. Yes, you can go colorful with your refrigerators and your deep freezers and you can also go for one color such as a bright color for your stoves like green, red blue or orange.

  1. Tall Wall Cabinets

In 2019 kitchen will be a place to cook peacefully without the clutter and constant bump of the cabinets. You can go for tall wall cabinets in one side of the kitchen and place everything inside those rather than cabinet on all around the kitchen.

  1. Appliances Under the Counter

Another new trend of kitchens which you should adopt is to pace your appliances under the countertops rather than over them. Such as your dishwasher and your microwave. This will use up space and look sleeker. For this, you should go for the timeless granite and can ask the granite installers Raleigh NC that which appliances will be best suitable.

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