Pain In The Hip Joint – Is Hip Joint Replacement The Only Treatment Option Available

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Hip replacement surgery in Woodbridge VA is the best medical procedure available to treat those who are suffering from hip joint injuries and impairment. Also known as arthroplasty, it is basically a surgical procedure to remove the damaged part of hip joint and replace it with prosthesis.

Explaining hip joint prosthesis

Hip joint is basically ball and socket type of a joint that can easily rotate in different positions. With the replacement process, the natural rounded ball and socket gets replaces with artificial parts. The rounded ball can be seen on top of thigh bone. Hip replacement surgery is done to improve the mobility and functionality of the hip joint. This kind of surgery is more common on senior adults aged 65 years or more. Women are more seen going for such a type of surgical therapy.

Causes of hip joint injury

Replacement of hip joint is mostly done to those who face severe and prolonged pain in the area that affects their daily living. Osteoarthritis is definitely one very common cause for damaging of hip joint. It results in severe stiffness to the joint area. Pain and swelling are other symptoms too. Rheumatoid arthritis also causes severe pain and swelling in the hip joint area. Osteonecrosis is also a serious condition that can cause damage to the hip joints and adjoining areas. It mainly involves degrading of bone structure due to improper blood supply. When the hip joints starts getting infected due to some past injury, septic arthritis can occur. While these are common medical causes for hip surgery, the replacement can be done also for bone tumours, or some kind of fracture in the joint area due to some accident.

Alternatives to hip joint replacement surgery

There are other alternative procedures available before going for replacement surgery. Some of these alternatives include walking aids, medication, exercise program, and physical therapy. If the problem has its root in the inflammation, then there are chances to get prescribed with some kind of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) like Motrin and Naproxen. Apart from these strong medications, there are several nutritional supplements available to get relief from the pain. A combination of chondroitin and glucosamine dietary supplement can be effective in the process.

Another effective procedure that works for some patients is joint injection. In this process, corticosteroids are directly injected into hip joint area. Injecting joint lubricants like hyaluronanis also carried out to increase the overall ball and socket range of motion. Osteotomy is another substitute to hip joint replacement surgery where the bone structure of the hip joint is realigned to transfer the weight from damaged surface to a healthy and stronger area.

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