Everything You Need To Know About Black Granite Countertops

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Countertop materials have a wide variety and sometimes, you are bound to get confused what type of material you want for your kitchen. Only granite has many types and this will leave your confused when dealing with a granite contractor. Today, we will be covering everything there is to know about black granite countertops.

What Is Black Granite?

Black granite is like any other granite material, but the main difference between normal granite and black granite is the striking and almost blinding black color the black granite possesses. Granite is available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from light to dark. Black granite is a very famous and sought-after color and material. There is a whole variety of black granite as well. Some have veining, some have sparkles, some are matte, some are lustrous. The most common types of black granite are as follows:

Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is a beautiful work of art in the form of a countertop material. It is based with a dark black color and spread throughout the mysterious black color are silver and golden speckles. This makes it look like a black starry sky, or better yet, a galaxy. The golden and silver speckles are due to impurities present in the granite, mostly mica. The specks of golden, silver and sometimes, white, shine through the black base and make it look ravishing. No two slabs of black galaxy granite will ever be the same.

Black Pearl Granite

Think of a black countertop base, with a pearl like finish. This is exactly what black pearl granite looks like. It is based with black or dark gray color and surrounding it, is the veining and beautiful yet sporadic dots of silver, white and grey. It makes it look like a dark colored pearl. This is also a very beautiful countertop material and no one can get tired of looking at it. Again, the sporadic white and grey dots are due to mica impurities and quartz as well. You can get a foot length slab of the black pearl granite for 4o dollars to 50 dollars, if you want a thick slab. For thinner slabs, the prices vary between 25 dollars to 35 dollars.

Black Honed Granite

With most black granites, you can get a different variation of the color black. But, honed black granite is the richest black color you have ever seen in your life. It is a rich black colored base, with subtle veining going all around the perimeter of the slab. It looks amazing as a kitchen countertop material. Black honed granite looks amazing against a light-colored interior. You can imagine the beautiful contrast the dark and light colors would make. The best thing about black honed granite is that it is resistant to smudges and impression of fingerprints, which makes cleaning a lot easier.

Pros and Cons of Black Granite Countertops

Now that we have covered the different types of black granite, let’s talk about the pros and cons of it as well.

  1. It is a very sophisticated and elegant countertop material. Anyone who admires dark colored countertop materials will love black granite just as much.
  2. It is very easy to clean. Although it is black, it doesn’t leave any impressions and smudges on the surface. This is always a plus point when buying any countertop.
  3. It is very durable. Granite, in general has been proven to last for years, if they are looked after and maintained properly.
  4. The contrast of light and dark colors looks absolutely amazing and black granite compliments other light colors beautifully.
  1. It is a pricey material. It is an investment and if you don’t allocate a budget for it, then it might become too expensive for you to buy, but the investment is worth the buy.
  2. It is porous. Granite and other natural stones are very porous, and they need to be sealed off, if you want it to be water resistant, otherwise, it will be ruined, and it will not last long.

There you go! Now you know everything basic about black granite countertops. Now keeping the specifications in mind, you can decide whether you want this material in your kitchen or not. And whichever granite you choose, prefer trustworthy granite companies Rockville.

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