What to expect in a dental teeth cleaning

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Oral  cleaning  also known as teeth cleaning is an oral procedure that can be carried out in a dental clinic  or in your own house with the help of kits intended for this purpose. This procedure is never an irritating or unpleasant one, although people with sore teeth may feel otherwise. For people who have not cleaned their teeth for a considerable time may require a little extensive cleaning because it may take extra time for scrapping the plaque formed on the teeth.

The process of teeth cleaning

Normally teeth cleaning take 30 to 60 minutes for completion.  If it is included in the annual examination practitioners may take X-rays for checking the cavities in the teeth.  Usually the process is administered by a dental hygienist. An ordinary dentist will also follow the same procedure and do the cleaning work. While doing teeth cleaning the dentist may check at the end to find out whether you have any oral health problems like gum disease. Most dentists use tools like scalers and polishers during the cleaning of the teeth. After completing the cleaning process, the patient need not have to take any medications. But there are some dentists who administer nitrous oxide especially for high-strung persons. If you are very apprehensive about the procedure, the doctors in your dental clinic may prescribe a tranquilizer before an hour to keep you calm. Such procedures are commonly known as sleep dentistry as patients are sleeping during the surgical procedure.

Listen to the advice of the dentist

By cleaning your teeth your dentist will be able to understand the problems of your teeth and he will also check whether there is any possibility of developing plaques. Knowing these details he will be able to give proper advice to his patient about the dental hygiene to be followed by him.

Inform your dentist about heart problem, if any

Medical science has found out that a bacteria found in the mouth can be the cause of some heart problems. So if a dental patient has already undergone some surgery for heart related problem or is suffering from similar problems, he has to inform this matter to his dentist at the earliest.


IN some cases your dentist may give you some antibiotics for the infection in your gums to settle down, before teeth cleaning or similar activities are carried out. No other treatments are necessary for tooth cleaning and related activities.  Your dentist will be knowing the exact dosage of antibiotics needed and he will be the correct person to prescribe them.

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