7 Exercises For Relieving Hip Pain

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There are some really good exercises suggested by few of the best hip surgeons to relieve your hip pain amazingly. It is because of putting pressure on some of the important point on our bodies that largely contribute to relax our muscles. Let’s have a quick look at few of such exercises,

  1. Aerobics

It is a great way of relieving hip pain and even considered as a very good precaution in severe cases where people are advised to get hip replacement surgeries. Yes, it is really surprising but you just have to be careful in the beginning if the pain is severe to prevent any injury. For instance, you may start with plain walking and progress towards jumping in slow speed then cycling and then you may start cross-country skiing and other similar exercises.

  1. Heel to Buttocks Movement

Many hip surgeons recommend this exercise when you feel the pain has slightly begun to prevent it for progressing further. You need to stand straight and hold something with both of your hands for balance and bend your one knee in a way that your heels are pulled towards your bottom. Keep your knee in a straight line while putting pressure on your heels to pull towards your bottom as much as possible just that your kneecap is pointing towards the floor.

  1. Mini Squatting

It is again a very good way for keeping movement of your hips pretty perfect. All you need to do is squat down towards the floor until your knees are almost above your toes. Hold on there for like four to five minutes and release pressure. Repeat the procedure for five to seven times only if you are a beginner and increase the number with every passing day. Well it looks very easy but keep in mind that it is very tiring if you do it several times in the beginning phase. You should always start with very lesser time for workouts and gradually increase it to make your body flexible enough to absorb the changes of workouts.

  1. Strengthening Exercise from Knee to Chest Movements

It is a very good work out if you are advised for regular exercises to prevent long term danger of hip replacement surgery. In fact, it is very easy work out to practice in your regular routine by lying straight on a ground on your back and bend your knees with putting feet flat on floor. Now hold your one knee with a hand and pull it towards your chest gently. Hold on for five seconds and release your knee. Repeat the procedure for three to four times and then switch to another for repeating same procedure.

  1. Bridging Exercise

This exercise is also used for strengthening of your hips and highly recommended by most of the hip surgeons. It is very simple and somewhat similar to above exercise when you just need to lie straight on a floor on your back and bend your knees with putting feet flat on the floor. Now lift your pelvis and lower back area gently off the floor. Hold on there for five seconds and lay back on the floor slowly. Repeat the procedure for several times every day.

  1. Playing Sports

Sports is always considered as play and fun with keeping your body fit. You can play tennis or volley ball or similar games that include running and jumping with different kinds of movements of different body parts like hands, arms, legs and all joints. This will keep your body fit as you will keep on changing your directions making your body much flexible while it will also save you from many awful diseases in future.

  1. Running and Skipping Rope

Though it sounds very casual but running and skipping rope are very good exercises to strengthen all your body parts and not only your hips. In fact, studies show that people including these workouts in their regular routine have almost 60% lesser chances of getting any hip replacement surgery Mclean in long run. And yes, practice running on uneven surfaces are always better than running on flat even surfaces. Be good to your body and show some love by running every day for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

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