Is Granite A Good Choice For A Patio

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Patios are becoming increasingly popular and for all the right reasons. When it comes to choosing the best material, granite is one of the most common options for outdoor patios. What makes granite a popular choice is its incredible durability. And while there are some pros, you cannot ignore the cons as well before asking your patio contractor to install granite paving. So, if you are planning to build a patio for yourself, let’s take a look if granite is going to be the right option.

Pros And Cons Of Granite Patios

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of granite pavers is extreme durability. These stones are able to withstand years of heavy human foot traffic without damaging or cracking etc. Unlike other paving stones that shift and are affected by changing weather, granite stones stick to their original position. Plus, it is resistant to scratches, wear, and chipping.

If you plan to build a backyard patio to accommodate some guests over  BBQs and other activities, granite is going to be a good option as it is both heat and fire-resistant as well. On top of that, granite paving stones require little to no maintenance and look visually appealing when installed.

Granite paving stones have a fair share of advantages but there are a few disadvantages too. When compared to other stone types, granite paving stones carry relatively fewer disadvantages, which makes them a much preferable option for outdoor patios.

Even though granite paving stones are affordable, the price actually depends on the color. Common granite shades tend to be cheaper as compared to those that are relatively less common. This makes the granite pavers a bit more expensive than sandstone or limestone for patios and walkways.

At the same time, if regular cleaning and maintenance of granite paving stones are ignored, it could lead to staining. Then again, granite paving stones hardly require any maintenance but whatever is required, should be done to preserve the original shade/color of the stone.

How To Lay A Granite Patio or Pathway?

The overall lifespan of the granite patio also depends on the way you lay them down. Granite paving stones come with slip-resistant benefits. So, you should make sure to place the stones with the textured side up. Not only will it help prevent people from slipping but also let the stone shine.

Before laying the slabs, make the back of the granite slabs sticky with an adhesive (primer). As a result, the stones stay in place for years.

Furthermore, the slurry primer blocks moisture from getting absorbed by the granite slabs or stone.

How And Why To Seal Your Granite Patio?

Apart from the moisture entering the stones and destroying their aesthetic appeal, sealing the granite paving stones also prevents moss or algae from growing on or around the granite patio. Although it is not necessary to seal the entire granite patio, you should at least make sure there are no gaps and other factors that may threaten their overall lifespan.

That said, you should invest in a sealing agent that is commonly available over the counter at local superstores. There are different kinds of sealants available in the market, you should pick the one that both protects and seals your granite patio.

Some people tend to use the sealant before the granite paving slabs are laid. However, others choose to keep the slabs unsealed for at least a year. This allows the granite stone some time to weather naturally before adding or applying some sealant.

Can I Build A Granite Patio Myself?

Building a granite patio requires effort, time, and patience, let alone skills and technique. For first-timers it could be a slightly tricky process, therefore, you should expect things to go wrong and be ready to put in additional time and effort to fix the issues.

At the same time, you will be needing a helping hand as well since lifting and laying down granite stones could be risky due to weight. If not, consult a professional, who will get the job done the right way, saving you both time and effort.

Final Word

In the end, granite is a good choice for backyard patios and driveways, etc. However, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages as well. Granite stone patios are meant to last decades. So, make sure you keep the points mentioned above in mind to make your money worth it and find patio builders Long Island that install them correctly.

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