Ductless Air Conditioning

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If you want to decrease your electric bills select Mitsubishi ductless AC. It is remarkable for those who are annoyed by the noise of regular air conditioner. These units are built without central air systems. They are used to heat or cool your home or office. They are an air conditioning unit that does not use ducted air ductwork or distribution. They are also called as mini-split air conditioners. The reason that they are called this is because they job in the same way a ducted central air conditioner would job. The ductless unit just jobs on a smaller scale. The ductless units have 2 basic components, which are an indoor and outdoor unit. In the outdoor unit, it contains the condenser and compressor. In the indoor unit, it contains an evaporator, a blower, and an air handling unit.

How to install Mitsubishi ductless AC

When you install these smaller units it is very simple. Just follow the instruction in the manual or you get a professional to install it. The outdoor unit is located on a strong surface outside and is sure it is going to stay steady. The indoor unit is installed on the ceiling or top on the wall. You will need to make a 3 inch opening in the exterior wall so you can put 2 refrigerant lines through the hole. These are lines that link the 2 units. One of the lines takes away the condensate and the other one brings in the electricity.

There are many different benefits of using this type of air conditioning in comparison to central or window air conditioners, which contain:

  • Easy and simple ductless AC replacement
  • It does not need a large opening in the walls or uses up window area.
  • It does not pose any security dangerous
  • The outdoor is also pretty and small
  • It is affordable choice
  • Because of the compressor is outside the house the noise of it operating is eliminated.
  • Using the remote control you can chill certain areas of your home during a certain period of time and save your cash on the electric bill.
  • With no ducts, there are no power losses
  • It has a hand-held remote control that controls the temperature and louver directions.
  • They do not need a large area to be installed and can be fixed anywhere in a room. They will also fit into rooms where other units do not fit.
  • Some AC units have filters built in so they are more capable of removing large allergens.
  • The filters used can be reused and cleaned.
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