How To Cut Down A Tree Quietly

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Cutting down a tree is a serious and noisy task. However, you do not always have the liberty to bring one down with less noise. So, we are going to share some tips that will help you cut down a tree as quietly as possible with minimum risks involved if you don’t want to involve tree removal companies. Let’s begin!

Choose Rush Hour Time

You might be thinking the best time to bring down a tree is when everyone is asleep but that is just you taking risks. Majority of people tend to sleep and wake early due to offices and schools. Therefore, cutting a tree at night will raise a lot of concerns.

With that said, you should opt for a rush-hour time of the day when everyone is busy or has gone to their offices. This way, you will hardly have anyone complaining about the noises.

Cut A Notch In The Felling Direction

To begin cutting a tree, you should first cut a notch at least halfway through the tree in the felling direction. Remember, the notch decides the falling direction of the tree, therefore, think twice before making one. This is especially the case if the tree is mostly upright and the branches are symmetrical. Furthermore, you could also tie a rope at the top to ensure it falls exactly in the direction you want it.

Additionally, if the tree happens to be large, you would want to cut the branches first. This way, once it falls down, it wouldn’t make much noise.

Cut Toward The Notch From The Other Side

Once you are done cutting a notch on one side, it is time to move to the other. You should make your way towards the existing notch. As you do, you will notice that the tree will start leaning away from you. However, if you notice that the tree is falling in your direction, ask your colleague or friend to pull on the rope tied on the top of the tree.

The Falling Of The Tree

While the tree is falling, you should maintain a safe distance as the butt of the tree can kickback. Furthermore, this isn’t a safe area anyway since the branches will break and fly anywhere or the top of the tree can bring something down with it that can land on the head, leading to serious injuries. In case, if you have not cut the notch throughout the tree, you can leave a type of “living hinge” that prevents the tree from falling to one side.

Plus, you can also tie the tree with a rope to another tree so that it does not fall directly on the ground, creating a mess and noise. Once the tree is completely cut, you can hire a crane or ask your colleagues to help you bring down the tree slowly.

Protect The Neighbors

There is a reason cutting trees is a tricky task. No matter how experienced you are, you never know what is going to happen. Using the right tools and techniques is one thing but predicting the falling distance and angle is another. There have been many instances in the past where tree accidents have claimed lives.

Therefore, you should first measure the height of the tree, which offers you an estimate of the distance it might fall. You need to consider the neighbors and their property. The tree might fall on someone’s property and cause expensive damage.

If your estimate goes wrong and the tree gets stuck or falls in an unpredicted area and your neighbors happen to be noise conscious, you should avoid using the chainsaw. Try cutting the tree in half manually with the help of some friends.

Consult A Professional

Cutting down a tree quietly is a complicated task. Apart from the noise, safety is a huge concern. Therefore, if the tree happens to be bigger than you can handle, you should consult a professional or have three to four helping hands at least. You can try poisoning the tree if it helps but you will have to use special techniques and tools to keep the noise down.

Final Word

In the end, cutting down a tree quietly requires a lot of time, patience, and effort. If you are in doubt, make sure you consult tree cutting services Potomac who will help you bring it down without disturbing the neighbors with minimum risks involved.

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