10 Crazy Misconceptions About Refrigerators

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People have associated a number of myths with the refrigerators. We are going to look at the most common misconceptions and then debunk them with the help of refrigerator repair experts.

The Shelf Does Not Matter

People believe there is no special order when it comes to storing food. You can put any food in the top and the bottom shelves. However, this is a myth. The correct order is to store the foods which do not spoil in the top shelves and the rest in the bottom. Meat should always be stored in bottom shelves.

Freezing Batteries is Good

When it comes to the batteries of the fridge, people believe myths about them too. But the appliances experts believe there is no such thing. One of these myths is that batteries should be frozen as it helps to maintain their life. However, this is not helpful and just a misconception prevalent among the masses.

Never Replace the Water Filter

Many new freezers come with water dispensers and ice makers. A lot of users believe there is no need to replace or change the water filter as it remains forever. But the refrigerator repair experts argue that the filters should be changed. They say the filters lose their efficiency over time and will not filter out the pollutants after usage. So they should be replaced on a regular basis.

The Dial Tells About Temperature

Among people, it is believed the dial inside the freezer tells about the temperature inside. But this is not true. We have learned that you need a thermostat to accurately know the temperature inside the refrigerator. If you believe so, you are spoiling your food as the dial never measures freezer temperature.

Cool the Food First to Put in Refrigerator

It has become a misconception that putting the hot food in the freezers can be dangerous. But this is not the case. When the food is cooked, it should be stored if you do not want to eat it. The more time it stays out, the sooner it will spoil. So you should be careful about this. However, food should not be too hot that it can affect the freezer and ruin its performance.

Baking Soda Absorbs and Smells in Fridge

Foods spoil and causes bad smell inside the freezers. People use various methods and products to get rid of smell in your refrigerator. One of the most common products is the baking soda a lot of homeowners use when it comes to removing the odor. However, activated charcoal is considered a far better and safe option for this purpose. It is more effective.

Leftover Will Be Safe for Weeks

Here comes another myth which is commonly accepted by the people. They opine that leftover can be saved and it can last for weeks. But the fact is opposite. When the food is left and you store it in the freezer, it should be consumed within four days. After that it will spoil. Appliance repair service believe this can affect the freezer functioning and leads to smell if leftover is kept for more days.

You Can Freeze Any Food Inside

We see people storing most of the edibles and food items in their freezers. But a lot of people do not know there are some vegetables, fruits and other edibles which should be avoided. Foods which are rich in water like watermelon should not be stored for more than a few hours. Eggs should also be saved for a few hours and not for days. You should look into food safety guidelines whether you a homeowner or run a restaurant.

No Need to Maintain the Refrigerator

Like most other appliances, refrigerators also need maintenance and repairs. If you do not take care of the freezers for a long time, they will have bad performance leading to food spoiling, extra expenses on repair and other functioning issues. You should maintain the freezers with care.

Keeping it Full Saves Energy

Here comes the last myth in our list. Stuffing the freezer with food is good for energy, believe many people. But this is a misconception. Instead, this practice is more damaging than anything else. You should never fill the freezer with food items. Leave some space.

So, those were the misconceptions about refrigerators that many people still think to be true according to appliance repair Springfield services and experts. Do you know one? Let us know in the comments.

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