6 Dining Room Rug Ideas

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If you are looking for a place in your house where your area oriental rug will be the center of attention, then the dining room is the best place for this. Here are some rug ideas for the dining room.

Go For A Bohemian Style Rug

A bohemian style rug will never make your dining room look plain. The intricate patterns, the hippie colors and the way it blends in completely with a rustic dining room is all you need to complete the look. The best size of a bohemian rug for a dining room is a n area rug which just covers the expanse of your dining table. You can put this rug anywhere you want but people mostly put it under the dining table. This makes the room look complete and the rug is the finishing touch to tie it together.

Persian Rugs Are A Classic Option

You can never look past a Persian rug and not want it in your dining room. A Persian rug is the epitome of beauty and elegance. It has rich colors; the tassels add that nice and Middle Eastern touch and the designs are to die for. A woolen Persian rug is a big bite to your wallet, though it is well worth the splurge. The richness of the design is all you really need to dress up your dining room space and people will definitely turn their heads for a look at this beauty of a rug.

Add A Fun Dose Of Color

A pop of color is exactly what you need if you want to spruce things up a bit in your plain dining room. Vibrant colors add that touch of edge and trend to your dining room and the color is enough to act as décor for your entire room, without you having to try too hard. Any color will work as long as you keep the contrast in mind. You don’t want to take out the color symmetry and matching of the rug and your room, because this is all that it takes to tie your room together or break it apart and make it look extremely off putting.

Rustic But Beautiful

Rustic and plain rugs are the norm nowadays, especially for dining rooms where you want that hint of something that is missing but you also don’t want to overdo it. A plain colored, rustic and simple rug is what you need to compliment the wood work of the dining table and chairs. It will complement the dining room beautifully and you will see the power and the beauty of a simple rug and how it transforms your room very effortlessly and elegantly.

Match The Rug With Your Upholstery

If you are a fan of matching things, then here is a good task for you. If you want to add a rug to your dining room but you are unsure about the colors and design, then you can take your dining room upholstery and use it as a reference for your rugs. You can match your rug according to the fabric on your dining room chairs. This will compliment your hard wood work in the dining room and you will be surprised at how beautifully it matches and makes up for the lack of that hint of something you are looking for to complete your dining room.

Light And Dark Contrast

Another great way to dress up your dining room with rugs, if you are unsure where to start, is to do a dark and light-colored contrast. If you have dark wood furniture in your dining room, then you can tone the harshness down with an extremely light-colored rug. This contrast will be everything and more to make your dining room look and feel beautiful. Similarly, if you have a lighter upholstery and wood work on your furniture, then a dark colored rug will compliment these items beautifully and so effortlessly.

There you have it! Rugs in a dining room may sound weird but wait until you see the magic of the rug unfold itself and make your dining room a place of beauty. Do your homework before going to rug stores Northern VA and measure the area for a perfect size.

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