How to construct a outdoor brick barbecue

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Cooking in an outdoor brick barbecue is a great way to enjoy the backward patio and the veneer walls constructed by a stone veneer contractor will be helpful to unwind after a great day’s work. BBQ grills of different styles are available in the market. You can also build your own BBQ. Below I am mentioning some DIY options which can be tried by you as a project for weekend fun.


If some space in the backyard of your house can be dedicated for an outdoor brick barbecue,  it can be changed as a great place to grill the meat for your family as well as friends. A brick structure will be more in size than the alternatives available in the market. It will be a permanent installation and cannot be moved to any other place once its laying is completed. Another thing is that bricklaying is not a child’s play and if one has skill, dedication and time to spend then only he can do brick laying for making an outdoor brick barbecue.

Used oil drum

It will not be difficult to fetch a 50 gallon used oil drum as it is available in most part of the country.  If you have a little knowledge in welding, you can convert it into a professional quality barbecue. People cut the drum into two pieces, attach hinges and add legs for supporting the barbecue. People who do not have any idea about welding or who cannot get a welding machine on rent or who do not have their own welding machine may find this project impossible to carry out. If you add up the costs for preparing a used drum barbecue, you may think it is better to go for a ready made one.

Wheel rim barbecue

If you need to cook only for a few people and if you are not ready to spend too much money, then wheel rim barbecue is the most suitable one for you. You will require a wheel rim and a grid to place over that. In third world countries devices like this are used for cooking plantain, fish etc.

Patio furniture

Patio furniture often has to play an important role when people look for re purpose the metal grids for cooking.  Some type of tables and chairs are often used over the flame as barbecue surface. This may look like a terrible idea. Most often the outdoor furniture contains some metals or chemicals used for the purpose of coloring. Removing these materials is necessary. Sandblasting the material till the material in its row form is seen will be helpful in this regard.

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