Top 5 Trucking Companies In 2017-2018

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Looking for trucking companies to hire trucking services from is not an easy task. There are so many factors that you have to consider and pay attention to the details as well. We all know that trucking companies are an essential component of the rigging services. Therefore, if you are looking for a trucking company for high-quality and promising services – you need to make the right choice. The only way you can make a choice that you don’t regret later is by looking amongst the best companies only. This is why in this article, you will find answers and possibly be able to choose a worthy trucking company. Below we are going to talk about the top ranking trucking companies of 2016 to 2017.

Looking for a Reliable Trucking Company?

If you are looking for a reliable trucking company, we are here to make choice easier for you by shortlisting the top ranking companies of 2016-2017. The one thing that you should keep in mind while choosing a trucking company is that it should be good enough to live up to your expectations. That is all there is to ask for!

  1. UPS

UPS is one of the largest trucking company that is popular all around the globe. It is centrally based in the Georgia, United States but is involved with over 200 localities all around the world. It is estimated to have more than 6.5+ clients availing its trucking services, as of 2016. So you might consider becoming one of its clients as well and avail its promising, high end services. You can choose the payment mode for hiring UPS services; you can book a package or book services on hourly basis as well.

  1. Roadway Trucking

As of October 2016, Roadway trucking was named amongst the top 10 best trucking companies offering high end rigging services that was successfully carrying out operations in more than 70+ countries with over 350 service centers in different parts of the world. Accessibility to services will definitely not be a problem with roadway trucking services.

  1. FedEx

In 2016, FedEx ranked among the top and best of the best trucking companies in the world. In the early part of 2017, it was reported that FedEx had over 1 million people working at the company. So there are practically 1 million people who are engaged with offering high end services to you. The best part about the FedEx services is that it takes full responsibility of the shipment. This means your shipment is in secure hands here.

  1. Crete Carrier

Crete Carrier is a relatively new trucking company with only being around for 6 years. However, in a short span of time it made a big name for itself. It gained recognition after winning the award for outstanding rigging services in 2014. It currently ranks amongst the best top trucking companies of 2016-2017. It is still rapidly working to progress but already has over hundreds of loyal customers.

  1. Young Brothers Trucking INC.

Young brother trucking Inc. is not exactly young with over 60 years of work experience in the field. After all this time, it still manages to holds it position amongst the top best and takes pride in offering award winning trucking services to the people.

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