How To Make Your Commercial Kitchen Energy Efficient

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Unlike residential kitchens that prepare food for a family or two, commercial kitchens feed thousands every day, all of which drains considerable energy and heavy duty appliances which may also need commercial appliances repair. Here are some tips you can follow to conserve the natural resources of mother earth.

Make Sure That All Operations Are Carried Out In Linear Fashion

To conserve energy as well as prevent cross contamination of the food, all operations in a commercial kitchen must be designed to be carried out linearly, from point A to point B in the shortest distance possible. This will also help shave seconds from the total food preparation time, which over time can amount to a lot.

Use A Transport Trolley For Delivering Food & Retrieving Plates

Following up on the first point, even outside of the commercial kitchen, which is out in the dining area in a restaurant, the same linearity should be observed for energy conservation. Using a trolley for food and used plates transportable to and from the kitchen is an ideal way of doing so.

Keep Track Of Your Stock At All Times To Prevent Food Wastage

Instead of investing in huge cold rooms or walk-in coolers, that are not even that efficient but still guzzle copious amounts of power, having a smaller refrigerator for food storage is much more economical as well as eco-friendly. Most of all, it prevents unnecessary food wastage and makes sure that your customers get fresh ingredients at all times, which is also good for your restaurant’s reputation in the eyes of visitors.

Create A Smart & Scalable Preparation Area For All Food Orders

Your commercial kitchen will hardly run at full capacity at all times, and therefore your operation must be designed in a way that only those stations that are required at any given time are operational, while the rest stay in standby mode to save on power consumption.

Condense Your Cooking Area To Make Best Use Of The Space

Commercial kitchens have limited space and segmenting the stations as per need is an efficient way of conserving energy as well as cutting down food preparation times. Instead of the whole kitchen working on one dish, have each station do the food prep in batches. The more stations that you can fit in a given space, the more your output capacity increases.

Rethink Your Equipment To Shorten Food Preparation Times

Oftentimes, a specific cuisine calls for a specific equipment, and while it is possible for it to be prepared using what you use generally, it is often not the most efficient and energy conservative way to do so. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have the proper equipment on hand at all times.

Make Use Of Technology In The Kitchen To Increase Your Output

The above point applies even more so for kitchen appliances that utilizes power to function, and modern commercial kitchen appliances are designed to get the job done in the least possible time while using considerably less energy than if the same thing was done manually or using standard kitchen equipment.

Train Your Employees From Time To Time On New Food Trends

Training can go a long way in teaching your kitchen crew on the best practices to minimize energy consumption in a commercial kitchen environment, and when the whole line is consciously making an effort to preserve resources and consume energy responsibly, the gains can be massive.

There is no denying the fact that any commercial kitchen operation is a hub of energy and resource consumption, and it is your duty as an owner to do your part in making sure that the carbon footprint of your business is brought down to acceptable levels. Our planet is at a very critical stage thanks to years of using fossil fuels without consideration, and now if falls on the shoulders of the current generation to do something about it and save the planet for those to come. Cutting down on your energy consumption in the kitchen is one way of doing so. You can also do so by taking care of the maintenance of your commercial appliances like refrigerators and ovens. You should have the number of commercial refrigerator repair Northern VA services for urgent repairs.

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