What Hair Extensions Are Best

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Hair extension is one of the popular names in beauty and fashion cosmos. It is one of the most loved hair accessories by girls. The easy availability and installation are increasing the popularity of hair extensions day by day. Now, hair extensions are available everywhere –online shops, hair extension salons, offline stores etc. This hair accessory comes in many style, color, size and hair type. It means everyone can get a hair extension that can perfectly match with their natural hair.

Types of hair extensions

Broadly hair extensions can be classified in two categories –human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. The categories can be further divided on the basis of hair color, installation style, hair quality and hair texture.

Human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are made from the real human hair. This extension looks and feels like real human hair. You can cut, color and style the extensions like your own hair. Some human hair extensions are made from unprocessed hair, such extensions are called virgin hair extensions. The hair has not been exposed to chemicals before.  The human hair extensions have their own pros and cons, such as—


-Made from real human hair, thus look real

-Can be styled in any manner

-Can be colored, straightened, curled

-Can be used to boost hair volume

-Respond to environmental changes, hair treatments, hair styling just like real hair

-Last longer


-Very expensive

-Not easy to maintain

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are the cheaper alternative to human hair extensions. These extensions are made from the fibers. Although they don’t feel like real hair, they can be used to adorn the hair. They come in plenty of colors, hairstyles and haircuts. Well, if you search properly and ready to invest more, you may find synthetic hair extensions that look real (as hair extension technology has progressed a lot). They can be great for temporary hairstyle change. Have a quick glance over the pros and cons to synthetic hair extensions:


-Synthetic hair extensions are cheap hair extensions

– Synthetic hair extensions are available in oodles of styles and colors

– Synthetic hair extensions are available with hair accessories as well

-Synthetic hair extensions do not require a lot of maintenance


-They don’t look and feel like real hair

-They don’t last longer


Both human hair extensions salon Potomac and synthetic hair extensions are apt. The hair extensions you should purchase depend on your needs, requirements and budget.

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