Some weight loss programs for women to build a lean physique

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Which weight loss programs are the most suitable for women? The best way to burn fat and maintain a lean physique is to engage in suitable weight loss programs for women on a daily basis. Starting a workout regime for women may seem strange for some as they think it as a body building activity. The workout I mean here is not that intended for six pack physique with bulky muscles.  Lifting heavy weight will naturally build muscles. But, the muscles developed to daily work out for women are intended to help them in burning calories even when they are resting.  Muscles become metabolically active and burn your fat. What all should be the ingredients of balanced weight loss program for women are discussed below.

Weight loss tips

Purchase a pair of dumbbells of 10-20 lbs and a piece of rope used for jumping. Start doing one set of exercises using the dumbbells and jumping rope. After completing one set, repeat it two more times. If you can repeat this workout 3 times a week at least, it will give you best results.  By adding weight to each of this work outs you can slowly increase the amount of calories lost during the workout. This simple but strong work out will help you to develop a strong and beautiful body with sexy legs and arms.

Dead lift

In this routine, you pick up a pair of dumb bells with an overhand grip and hold them before your thighs, dumb bells being at arm’s length. Stay in standing position with your feet one about 30-45 cms distance.  In that position bend your knees and hips so that your body becomes horizontal. Halt for some time and come back to standing position.  Perform this work out eight times. This exercise is good for hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

Split squat jumps

In this routine, you execute a lunge while bending your knees. Keep your knees above your ankles. Take your knee behind your back and lower them down together for performing lunge. In this position,  jump from ground up in the air. While in jumping position exchange your feet. When you land resume the lunge position. This time your other foot will be in the front.  Repeat this many times consistently switching your feet at a faster rate. While jumping you can lift your chest and sway your arms. Perform at least 5 jumps for each side. This exercise that involves all the muscles and burn your calories fast.

These three workouts suitable are weight loss programs for women. Your fitness trainer will be able to suggest you more tip considering your individual requirements. By regularly following the tailor made weight loss programs for you, you can kill two birds in one shot. They are removing the excess body weight and making an attractive contour to your appearance. By carefully following the instruction of the fitness trainer, women can make appreciable improvements within seven days. Women’s success in weight loss depends on the selection of the best weight loss program and practicing it regularly for a substantial period of time without any break or negligence.

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