5 Home Tinting Myths Busted

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If you are living in very hot regions of the world, then home window tinting will not be a new term for you. In fact, you might have gotten your windows tinted for protection. Even due to technological advancements, some people still resort to myths about residential window tint and consider them the truth.

Home window tinting benefits

  • Gives protection against U.V rays of the sun
  • Protects the furniture from fading from the sun’s rays
  • Reduces electricity and energy costs
  • Gives a relaxing home environment
  • Keeps the home temperature stable and balanced

Even after multiple advantages, there are some misconceptions amongst the general public regarding the residential window tint. The article below will clear all your misconceptions and myths regarding the window tinting.

Myth 1

Burglars cannot break the tinted windows

This is not true. Yes, the tint will make your windows strong and hard to break and will require extra effort by the burglars to break through but it is not impossible to break the glass. Yes, the burglars will unable to see through the windows which will sometimes deter them from burglary.

Myth 2

Home window tinting will block out all U.V rays of the sun

This is also false. While the window tinting gives 99% protection from the sun’s U.V rays but still some of the rays can penetrate. The protection for the window tinting is not 100%. However, still, most the of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked leading to a healthier lifestyle and no skin problems.

Myth 3

Window tint is not very long lasting and will lose its effect of blocking the rays

This is also a myth. Window tinting will not lose its effect, in fact, it will keep on blocking the U.V rays till it is on the windows. Most of the window tints have a life of around 15 to 20 years and even more than that. So you do not need to worry once it is installed.

Myth 4

Window tints make homes and windows dark

This is not true. Window Tints come in many shades, so you have a variety to choose from and you can also choose according to the amount of light you want to enter through your windows. Some tints offer protection and are clear. Although the darker the window tints, the more benefits it will offer. But, the window tints will not make your homes feel dark or dreary.

Myth 5

Window tints will peel off and bubble and fade over time

This is also a myth. If you get your window tints by a professional who knows his work, then this will never happen. Your window tints will stay the same as on day one. The effect of window tints lies on its installation; it should be get done properly by an expert for its long-lasting effectiveness. DIY window tints or window tints applied by a professional with improper adhesive may lead to peeling and bubbling. Residential window tint Springfield, VA should always be applied by an expert.

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