Spondylitis is the most common cause of neck pain

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Spondylitis is a quite common term and most of the people suffering from it visit neck pain doctor regularly. It is a disease that causes inflammation in the spinal cord or in the adjoining joints near the neck that result in severe pain. It is a form of chronic arthritis. It can cause stiffness in the spine and ultimately result in the fusion of bones and thus causes deformity in the bone structure.

Symptoms neck pain

Many symptoms are noticed during the beginning stage of this disease. The symptoms generally come into detection during the early adult period of one’s life. Though the disease is not totally curable, but an early diagnosis can help you getting relief from worsening the condition. Some of the symptoms that are noticed are as follows:

  • Neck pain: The first and foremost symptom that can be noticed is the neck pain, which is generally left unnoticed.
  • Stiffness: The back gradually leads to stiffness of the upper part of the spine near the neck region. And it generally continues for more than two-three months. The pain and the stiffness sometimes spread to the lower back and the hips.
  • Pain increases after inactivity: The pain and stiffness generally get increased after a period of inactivity or after sleeping when your body doesn’t remain active. This may lead to the fusion of the bones and cause deformity.
  • Inflammation: If the pain and stiffness are left unattended it may result in the inflammation of the spine and the joints in the neck area. The ligaments and other nerves may get affected due to it.

Treatment of Neck Pain

If you keep this disease untreated, you will face severe troubles in the long run. First of all the weakening bones may start getting broken, that is, it may result in fractures. Moreover, the inflammation may result in lung or breathing problems. And even the inflammation of aorta can result in the ill-functioning of the heart.

Though neck pain cannot be cured, it can be treated so that the patient may get some relief. Patients suffering from this disease are able to lead a normal life as they start their treatment. Neck pain doctor in McLean recommends various exercises that are helpful in decreasing the pain and stiffness in the spine and joints. Regular exercise can lead to the flexibility of the spine and the bones. Moreover, the doctor can even recommend some therapy that is needful in this regard. In addition to this proper medication is required to give the patient relief from pain. Sometimes Neck pain doctor in McLean may even suggest surgery according to the patient’s condition.

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