What Are Different Types Of Clear Braces?

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It is true that your look is not complete without a gorgeous smile with clear braces. Feeling confident about your white teeth is really imperative. However, if you are not feeling comfortable with the appearance of your teeth, it is next to impossible to get an impressive personality and high level of confidence. If you are losing your self-assurance because of unshaped teeth, crooked, and twisted teeth, consult to a dentist today for proper treatment.

Dentists and oral surgeons discover new methods and solutions of dental issues on regular basis. Clear braces are one of the most important inventions for those who have teeth structural problem. Earlier, traditional metal braces were the only way to get a good teeth shape. But, now you are not required to compromise with your look. Thanks to clear braces, you can straight your teeth and no one will be able to notice it.

Today, most people are going for clear braces instead of traditional metal braces to get straight teeth. Basically, these braces are created with ceramic or plastic alloys but serve the same purpose as metal braces do. These braces are less noticeable so frequently preferred among both kids and adults.

Ceramic Braces

Clear braces are manufactured with ceramic translucent materials which are similar to glass. Usually, these braces are preferred among adults because of the teeth colored appearance. By choosing these braces, you can get straight teeth without compromising with your look. The only drawback of clear braces is that they are more prone to break in compare to metal braces. This is the reason most dentist do not recommend them for lower teeth. Generally, clear braces are preferred among adult people.


Invisalign is an innovative method to treat shapeless teeth. In this treatment transparent overlay template called aligners are used to straighten your teeth in place of ceramic braces. In invisalign process, orthodontists take measurement of teeth and provide plastic made aligners. These aligners are made up with soft and comfortable plastic and not easy to notice. You need to wear these aligners continuously. The dentists change the aligners after regular intervals. This process continues until you will get attractive straight teeth. Invisalign treatment has become a popular alternative of both clear and metal braces.


If you are concerned about your appearance, incognito invisible braces can be a great solution to straighten your smile. Basically incognito are traditional metal braces but these braces are placed behind your teeth so they are completely invisible. These braces are completely customized and placed carefully to preserve your smile. But it is really uncomfortable to wear these braces so incognito is not a good option for kids.

If you have shapeless teeth and want to straighten them in a way that no one can notice it, you should go for invisible or clear braces. Choose one of the best options and get a beautiful smile.


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