Know more about the top 5 flea repellent for humans

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If you have babies, you need to be more careful with the fleas and know about the flea repellent for humans that are available easily. Fleas are the common occurrences in homes where there are pets. Pets roam outside the home and carry deadly flea all over their bodies. This leads to flea accumulation in the home as well.

The worst part is that fleas have the tendency to multiply and the sting of the flea is horrible. Homeowners must make it a point to wash off the pillow covers, mattresses, carpets, at least twice the week. This can keep the children safe from fleas. For those who are bitten by the flea can make use of flea repellent for humans.

The natural flea repellent for humans

Being bitten by the flea can be a terrible experience. You may use the following ways to cure the pain:

  • Lemon grass is the prime flea repellant that can be used by humans. Lemon grass is anti-inflammatory in nature and so it is the best flea repellent.
  • Garlic paste is another remedy for treating the flea bite. It is found in the researches that fleas are very much allergic to the garlic. Apply the garlic paste over the area where the flea has bitten.
  • The consumption of Claritin and Benadryl can also help a lot. They are best antihistamines that can fabulously work over the bitten area than any other kind of ointment. Such antihistamines can be used orally for quick relief.
  • Peppermint oil is also the way to get rid of the pain and swelling. This will act as the superb cooling agent. Simultaneously, you may combine the cedar wood oil and the tea tree oil. By mixing all the oils along with the lavender and eucalyptus oil, you may get better results. Such oils are the most effective natural flea repellents for human. You can simply apply them over the infected area to get relief. They are known for reducing the level of discomfort and even the itching.
  • The flea sprays and the flea bombs can provide immediate relief. It is better to make use of flea sprays than the tablets and capsules. The flea bomb will always work much faster than the tablets. To keep pain, swelling and itching at bay, you can make use of the spray.


Try and incorporate ways to keep the fleas away from home. Fleas are one of the most hateful and unwelcome guests. Anyone who is the victim of flea bite must take care of with the flea repellents.

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