These Are The 6 Main Types Of Mobile Cranes

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You might have heard about mobile cranes. There are various types of mobile cranes which are important for you to know along with their uses and applications before you go to small crane rentals. This guide will help you learn more about mobile cranes and types.

What Is A Mobile Crane?

Among the various types of cranes, mobile crane is one which needs minimum set up and can be moved on roads as well. Mobile cranes are considered ideal for lightweight duties and as an alternative to the larger cranes. But the interesting thing is that the mobile cranes have become capable of carrying heavier objects and almost everything due to advancement in technology.

The various types of mobile crane are discussed below with their details.

Truck Mounted Crane

It will not be wrong to say that the truck mounted trains are the most common and popular when it comes to mobile cranes. They almost make 75% of all cranes in use these days. There are a number of reasons why the truck mounted cranes are so widely used.

First, they are suitable for a number of construction projects. These can be adjusted and will fit in most situations. Second, they can host 14 and 1300 short tons. Third, they can be driven on highways for the projects that demand such activity. They can also swivel a complete 360 degree.

Sidelifter Crane

Another type of mobile cranes is the Sidelifter crane. It is mainly used for loading and unloading purposes. You will find them in the construction sector and they are also widely used in other areas. What makes the Sidelifter so popular is their ability to carry heavy loads and move to various places. They are mounted on a truck or railroad car.

All Terrain Crane

The name shows that such types of cranes are suitable for all types of surfaces. From paved roads to mountain areas- these cranes can help you in different kinds of projects. What else makes them so common in use is that they can reach a good speed on highways when needed. According to their structure and design, the all-terrain crane can be used for various purposes thus making things easy for you.

Rough Terrain Crane

This is another type of mobile crane. It should be noted that rough terrain cranes are suitable only for rough areas only. They are designed in such a way that they can move easily on the rough terrain as well as hilly areas. The off-road areas are usually considered challenging for other types of cranes. Therefore, the rough terrain crane comes in handy at such places.

Another thing which you need to know about the rough terrain is that they do not require any site to be prepared specially for these cranes, unlike other types of cranes. They come with a single engine which is capable of bearing the load of boom and undercarriage. They also feature 4 wheels.

Telescopic Handler

From the name, it can be analyzed that this type of crane is considered ideal for more distance. Usually, the telescopic crane is ideal for moving bricks, and hoisting framing trusses. The long boom enables the telescopic crane to reach a certain distance. Moreover, they can move at any angle. Therefore, the project site where a crane is needed at any angle, the telescopic crane remains the ideal option.

Crawler Cranes

The crawler cranes, a type of mobile crane, is used for heavy duty. Crawler cranes feature treads which help them move from one point to another. The best thing about the crawler crane is that it is very stable. You can load and unload heavy amounts of weight.

Moreover, the surface does not need to be even for such cranes. They will not get stuck in the mud if you have to work there. However, there is one downside of the crawler crane and you will have to disassemble it to be moved to new places. Similarly, assembling these cranes can be challenging for many people.


Mobile cranes have become quite popular and common nowadays and you can find them with the majority of crane services MD. There are various types of mobile cranes such as truck mounted, Sidelifter, all-terrain, rough terrain and others which can be used for various purposes.

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