6 Tips On How To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

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Everything done once needs an aftercare for sure. It’s a no-brainer, eyelash extensions also need to be taken good care of. After getting them installed from a hair salon, you got to do these things to maintain the charisma of your extended eyelashes.

Keep Them Consummately Dry For 24-36 Hours

Do not let the water touch your extended eyelashes for a couple of hours right after the treatment. Water tends to destroy your eyelash extensions if you wash them off within 36 hours. Steer clear of water for a pair of days to avoid any damage.

The most important thing to take care of is rescuing your eyelash extensions from getting wet for a few hours. Unless, you see to this thing, you are not likely to help your eyelash extensions prevail for a reasonable period of time.

No Hot Showers, Spas and Steamy Atmosphere For At Least 24 Hours

Although you have to steer clear of water for more than 24 hours as per the general instructions, you’re specially restricted to take showers and spas. No matter how much you’re craving to relax, you will have to cancel all your plans to visit the salon.

You cannot take a cozy bath, you cannot have a spa, and you also can’t take a steamy shower. Cut to the chase, just stay away from hot water for a couple of days or at least hours. Water — either hot or cold — can damage your eyelash extensions, but steamy water can make your lashes even more vulnerable.

Scale Down on Spas and Stuff Like That

Initially, you have to let go of anything and everything that contains steamy water but you can obviously not cease it forever. Someday or the other, you will get back to these things because they have always been a part of your routine. Though, you are suggested to scale down on spas and hot baths.

Hot and steamy water is even more detrimental to your eyelash extensions. If you are habitual of taking a spa on a weekly basis, try to make it once a month in order to make your lashes last longer. We are not suggesting you to kill your desire for spas, we are only asking you to truncate it.

Save Your Eyelashes from Being Sun-Kissed

Heat is extremely menacing for your eyelash extensions. If it is an extremely hot day, better wear a pair of glasses to save your eyelash extensions from the wild heat or else, stay at home and let the weather be a little merciful.

Try your best to keep the heat at an arm’s length no matter where it is coming from. Whether you are going through a treatment from your favorite hair stylist or you are simply bearing the curse of sun, your eyelash extensions are never safe.

Your Oily Skin Can Be A Damaging Factor – Stay Wide-Awake!

Oil is also not beneficial for your eyelash extensions. If the area around your eyes remains oily throughout the day, do something about it. The area where your lengthy eyelashes rest should not remain utterly oily as oil can ruin your eyelash extensions in no time.

This way, not only do you need to take care of eyelash extensions, you will also have to take care of your oily and itchy skin.

Wash Your Lashes with a Foaming Lash Cleanser

Keep a foaming lash cleanser with you all the time. This may seem unimportant but it is by far the most significant aftercare step that you need to take in order to prevent your eyelash extensions from tangling up. This will reduce all the dirt and pollution that your eyelash extensions may catch. It is obvious that you cannot wear your goggles all the time, your eyelash extensions would be prone to dust and grime one way or the other. And, you need to purify them once in a while, therefore.

Eyelash extensions are often vulnerable and susceptible to getting broken or damaged. Hence, a reasonable aftercare is required no matter what. You cannot sit back and slouch once you step out of the eyelash extension salon, you need to be constantly protective of your eyelash extensions. Hypno

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