What to do when charged for criminal driving under the influence?

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Definitely, you need to hire a criminal lawyer. Whenever you are convicted by the police for any criminal issue, call for a criminal defense attorney to talk regarding the case and find way to free yourself from the conviction. The more interrogation in the police custody increases the chances of being trapped and may use any of the given statements against you in court to make it difficult for you out to escape from the law clutches.So,it’s always better to appoint a criminal defense attorney to make arrangements for a bail plea if needed. The fate of conviction always depends upon the different factors like evidences, proofs and weak-defensive strategies against a person.

Importance of hiring a criminal lawyer

A professional criminal lawyer always knows how to act to save you from court conviction. It does not take a great deal to understand the capability of criminal defense attorney.

After hearing the initial shock of being charged with a crime, you need to start making decisions on what to do as there are two areas to focus. One of The DUI Court Process and the other one is The Department of Licensing.So, what should you do when you are facing a criminal DUI charges? Simply follow the given steps:

Organize your paperwork

Create a folder where you can keep all your paperwork as it helps in better management. Find out your citation to make you aware on the date and time of the arraignment. Mark this date on your planner to attend the hearing. Search for your Department of Licensing Hearing Request Form and read it carefully.

Although, all the proceedings remain fresh in your mind but better to write down the important events like how the police officer treated you while DUI and what you were doing before you started drinking and so many other possible questions in your mind.

DUI Hearing request

The department of Licensing suspends the license once the police officer sends the Report of Breath or Blood Test. This action will be taken after 60 days of your arrest unless you challenge the suspension.

Out of all the paper work allotted by the officer, you have to make a Request for Administrative Hearing and you have only 30 days to send your request with some fees.

It is common to wait for the end of 30 days before sending this request since DUI has to schedule your DUI hearing before the 60 days and taking 30 days will make it difficult to schedule a hearing on time.So, make sure not to delay more than 30 days for your hearing as the Department of Licensing will not accept your request after the defined period. It would be better if you send certified requests.

Going to Court

After DOl hearing request, you have to go to court for proceedings and a criminal attorney will accompany you on all the court dates and will help you to answer all the questions.

Hire a DUI defense attorney

The goal of a competent and DUI defense attorney is always to give you choices on how to resolve your case with jury trail to pleading guilty of something and then to reduced charges against you.So, find out a competent attorney and save your life.

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