Best 1200 calorie diet plan for you to reduce over weight

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If calorie intake during a day can be reduced around 1200 calorie per day, it will be just enough for a person to carry out his daily activities. The normal calorie need of an average man can be considered as equal to 1700 calories. So a saving of 500 calorie is obtained  by practicing this diet for one day. If this can be repeated for two weeks the net gain will be around 7000 calories which can be approximately equated to 1 kg of body weight. So, in short following a diet which will not make anybody hungry and which will include a calorie equivalent of 1200 calories can be considered as the healthy weight loss diet for obese persons. Now let us examine this diet in detail.

Breakfast for weight loss

Is it a custom for you to have a cup of tea as soon as you get up? It is good no doubt, but cutting the little sugar in that cup of tea will be very good. Breakfast is the first meal of the meal plan for weight loss plan in   which all the energy needed for the day has to come from. A glass of milk or buttermilk along with a slice of paneer or bread or wholesome oats etc. will be ideal. Cereal 30 grams plus one cup of oats or two slices of bread will be another good combination. 50 grams protein with one egg and one bowl of sprouts will be another good choice. As a midmorning snack one can take 80 grams of vegetables.

Lunch for weight loss

Lunch can be made wholesome with protein, and fats.  Cereals, whole grains, dairy products, seasonal vegetables etc will  be ideal lunch in a  meal plan for weight loss. Two chapattis plus one cup of red rice consisting of 30 grams plus proteins like pork, red meats etc. plus 150 grams of seasonal vegetables, plus hundred gram milk and 5 grams ghee will be a good combination for breakfast

Evening snack for weight loss

There is a good gap between dinner and lunch time. It will be better if you can give an energy booster in between. Make sure to use only small portions for snacking. If you eat heavily it will adversely affect your appetite during dinner time. Protein snack about 20 grams consisting of cakes, patties, fried snacks etc. is a good choice.

Dinner for weight loss

According to a popular adage one should eat like a beggar his dinner. That means dinner should be eaten in small portions that will be light in stomach. It is better to eat dinner sufficiently earlier than bedtime to help digestion. In addition taking a glass of milk after dinner as part of healthy fast weight loss diet will be helpful for better sleep.

50 grams veg soup, 30 gram whole meat roti, brown rice and pasta weighing about 30 grams will be very good. 100 gram chicken, fish or mutton can be taken for protein needs and one cup of milk will complete the dinner.

Things to remember

  • Cereals containing fiber and multi nutrient rich whole wheat etc can be used interchanging.
  • Chicken, fish etc are healthy sources of non vegetarian protein.
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