All one needs to know about anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the most important ligaments inside human knee joint.  Knee joint is the meeting point of thigh bone known as femur and shinbone known as tibia.  Best treatment for this condition can be obtained from a knee injury doctor. Conservative medicines and physical therapy are useful only in knee pain treatment to patients who are relatively inactive and who engage in moderate recreational activities only. ACL reconstruction is the only method suitable for persons of the following categories.

  • Athletes or persons engaged in sporting activities that involves jumping, running, pivoting etc.
  • The injury to the cartilage is severe and extensive
  • The patient is very youthful and active
  • The injury causes the knee to buckle in everyday activities

The ACL reconstruction surgery is usually performed by knee injury doctor. These surgeries are carried out through laparoscopic procedures, in which only small incisions are used to carry out the surgical procedures with the help of a specialized instrument called laparoscope.

This is an instrument with a camera on one end of a long tube and a magnifier and light on the other end. The camera and the magnifier are inserted through the vein through small incisions in the body and they are guided by the surgeon watching its movement through the television connected in his room.

When the light source reaches the surgical point the surgeon carries out the surgical procedure remotely controlling the special tools which have been inserted through the small holes already made. In this procedure, the torn or damaged ligament is replaced by a tendon obtained from another part of the knee or from the knee of a deceased person. Usually this knee injury doctor procedure is carried out as an outpatient procedure either in the office of the doctor or in his clinic. This surgery is usually performed only by a person who is specialized in orthopedic surgery.


Just like any other surgical procedure, this surgery is also prone to some risks.  They are listed below.

  1. Stiffness in the knee, weakness and pain in the knee
  2. Poor healing
  3. No relief from the symptoms
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