Comparing FUE and FUT methods of hair transplant

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Two main hair transplant procedures are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant. After completing these hair transplantation procedures normal hair starts growing in the affected areas.  No one will be able to understand that they are transplanted hair. Thanks to modern technology for making transplanted hair look so natural and attractive. There are two main procedures in this area which I have named above. The main difference between these two procedures is in the method of extracting donor atom for replant purpose.

Follicular Unit extraction

As the name implies extraction of donor hair is done in a random manner from the donor area.  As follicles are removed one by one it takes more time and hence if the number of hair to be transplanted is more, then it may take two days for completing the hair transplantation of one patient. FUE was initially intended for smaller cases, but the modern devices have made follicular unit extraction easier and these days the area covered through this procedure has increased considerably.

Pain management: As no linear scar is left like that in FUT, this procedure has a faster healing rate and lesser pain issues compared to FUT Procedures.

Scarring: As hair is removed from the donor area one by one there is no scarring as in the case of FUT. Only tiny puncture marks will be left in the donor area which will heal fast and vanish within a few days.

Cost: Since each hair is removed by the physician one by one it is time consuming and costly compared to FUT. The introduction of latest devices and the huge popularity of this hair transplantation procedure have reduced the cost of this procedure.

Follicular unit transplantation. In this procedure a strip of tissue from the donor area is removed and the donor hair follicles are extracted from this strip by technical team. For advanced hair loss cases this method is preferred as it allows the doctor to remove many follicles of hair from the donor area at a faster rate and complete the transplantation process fast.

Pain management:

Patients report that pain management in this procedure is very difficult. There will be swelling in the area from where the strip of tissues is removed. Pain medications will be prescribed by your physician.

Scarring: As a strip of hair from the donor area is removed, a linear narrow scar will be left here. This will be covered by the remaining hairs.  The scar will fade away within a few days.

Cost: The rate for hair transplant is usually calculated per graft base. The per graft rate for FUT is lesser than the same of the FUE.

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