How to Pick Entertainment for Big Corporate Parties

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Organizing a corporate party can be quite a task. Starting from the food to the music to the sitting, everything needs to be spectacular party. Plus there is always a budget allocation which one can hardly go beyond the party entertainment. But it has to be perfect, considering the number of people attending it, the reason behind the party, and the age of the guests attending the party so on.

Corporate party entertainment

There are just a couple things one needs to take care of to make a chock-full party that is just by deciding on the mode of entertainment.

The theme

Zero in on a theme, may be a decade’s theme (like 60’s or 70’s), Hollywood theme, Seasonal theme (spring, winter etc) or country. Theme parties sorts everything in a jiff – the dress code, the decorations, take away gifts, music.

The subject for it could depend on factors such as age group, the different hierarchies attending the party, so on. Also how formal and informal would one like the party to be. Always go for a theme which goes with the personality of the company and the reason behind the party.

Music and Dance

Selecting the right music is the most excruciating part, even after deciding on the theme. Do look out for a professional such as a DJ if you are not really sure about it. Provide him with the details of the kind of music you want for the party.

If the event is bit informal, one can even think of having a small area dedicated dance floor. This serves as a great entertainment for kids as well. Or one can even go for a live band or dancers. But make sure the music is not too loud, say rock, because people would like to relax and also network when it comes to corporate parties.


Opt for easy games which will invite people to participate such as housie, lucky draw, etc. These games mostly have prizes which makes people happy. Similarly, plan some games for kids as the corporate parties are a way through which people get to interact outside the work space with their colleagues and their partners.

Other Party entertainment ideas

The other entertainment ideas can be like getting over a magician or a comedian. These people act as great ice breakers as well. As stand-up comedy as well as magic shows are always enjoyed and preferred by people under different age groups and cultures, it kind of binds them together at social events.

Even entertainment ideas like face painting etc is also enjoyed by many.

You can also hire a professional event manager to host a corporate party, event organizer or party entertainment services depending upon your requirement.

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