Handmade Rugs can beautify any type of interiors

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When a person is looking to buy rugs, handmade rugs are the best to go for. But it is difficult for any person to tell if it is handmade or machine made. Hand knotted rugs are general made on loom which is specially designed and these are knotted by hand. This hand knotted rug portrays ancient art that deserves more admiration. The loom size generally depends on the rug size. The weaving of these rugs is done from bottom to top. The knots are inserted into the rugs and are tied with hand. Then the pile of the rug is made. This process is time consuming and tedious. The time taken to complete one rug depends on the size and the pattern of the rug. The super fine quality rug usually takes a year to produce. This is the reason these handmade rugs are costly.


Handmade rugs are made of different materials

The hand knotted rugs are made of different materials. They can be made of wool, silk, cotton or jute. Any natural material can be used for making rugs. When wool rugs are made, silk is used for outlines or for highlighting any pattern. This is because to enhance the design. Hand woven and knotted rugs can be used for many generations and if they are maintained properly they will look beautiful and new for years. These handmade rugs are also called oriental rugs, hand knotted and hand oven rugs are different collectibles which are also available. The quality of these rugs is totally dependent of many factors like knot count, dyes which are used and the yarn quality. The hand knotted rugs are quite expensive but the life span is longer.

Special colors and symbols are used

Rugs have special designs and colors which symbolically represent culture and the rich history of the country. People believe that the symbols and letters used on these rugs are not just for attraction or design, but these rugs bring some luck and keep the owner away from evils. These rugs can be used as a decorative item as it will enhance the overall look of the place. The special design and the quality of the rugs make the simple looking house, lavish and elegant. These Antique rugs online can be used in any western interiors. As they are available in range of colors and designs so they can easily match with any kind of interiors.


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