Improve Fireplace Function and Safety with Chimney Inspection and Repair

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Your fireplace is a source of cozy warmth in your home during the cold winter months but did you know that chimney inspection is a must to keep it from bringing danger to your home and family? Deteriorating mortar, creosote buildup and cracked linings are all common issues which can lead to fire and health hazards. These issues might not be visible to the eye but a thorough inspection of a professional chimney sweeper can reveal all of these problems. This is what makes it imperative to conduct chimney inspections on an annual basis. With prompt and immediate repair, you will be able to restore your fireplace to its great working order and enjoy its complete safety in the many years to come.

How Your Chimney Will Be Inspected

An inspection is pretty much a noninvasive and simple visual assessment of the primary elements of the fireplace and flue system. It is recommended to have this inspection as a regular part of your yearly cleaning. The chimney sweep is going to check for deterioration, cracks or other issues with the crown, flue, mortar, brick and flashing together with the damper and firebox. There are also instances wherein a video inspection is done to ensure that there are no issues in hard to see corners and areas. If there are any problems detected, it is a must to address them right away. Problems involving mortar, cracks and weather-based damage are going to get worse when you leave them uncorrected for a long time.

Chimney Repair

Leaks, cracks, and some problems may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, house fire, and some potentially dangerous situations, so it is essential to follow up your chimney inspection with all the needed repairs. Chimney repair is a job for the experts, so ensure that you utilize a qualified technician for complete, proper repair to keep your family and house safe. The common repairs include cap installation, relining, and brick repointing.

If a mortar in your chimney erodes, it should be repointed. Mortars are the glue holding the bricks in place, so if this starts to deteriorate, the bricks aren’t longer solidly held together. Repointing ensures that bricks remain in place and the structure of the chimney stays sturdy. Broken or missing bricks must also be replaced to keep this working and looking great. Brick repair and mortar repointing not only address the aesthetic problems, but also they can prevent deterioration and resolve chimney leaks.

If the fireplace is damaged, it is also crucial to have this repaired at the soonest date. While most fireplace repair problems are aesthetic, you do not want to take any chances. The structural and some safety risks are possible with damaged fireplace, so ensure that your hired chimney expert repairs and inspects your fireplace and your chimney.

For safe fireplace operation, have a yearly fireplace as well as chimney inspection. Through following the recommended chimney repair ellicott city md, you may rest easy knowing that your chimney and fireplace pose no danger to your family or your home.

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