What Are The Different Types Of Auto Paint Protection Films

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As long as cars have existed, paint protection as well with time has continuously evolved. Detailing world is buzzing with paint protection techniques and products that not only protects the paint but also keeps it looking sleek. Let’s know the types of paint protection from clear car protection film installers and auto experts.


When it comes to paint protection, waxing is the first thing that comes to mind. You might have heard the term “Carnauba wax” quite often. Waxes come in different forms and is made from the wax of palm tree leaves.

Palm trees produce this wax to keep their leaves protected. With time as technology and research evolved, it was found out that the wax can be melted and blended to be applied on vehicles. Waxes are nowadays available almost everywhere.

Depending on your budget, waxes can range anywhere from $20 to even $1000 for top brands. The price difference is based on the percentage of carnauba present in the wax as well as the type, as carnauba also comes in different types. Talking about top waxes, the percentage of carnauba will start from 70% and then move upwards. However, carnauba waxes do not provide protection that is ideal. No doubt, that these waxes can perform better than many out there, but protection wise they are not top notch.

Carnauba waxes provide UV protection, along with having a melting point that is low. Reflecting the fact that simply going through a car wash can damage the protection. With so many options available today and without the protection aspect, makes consumers shift to other products.

Synthetic Sealants

The level which is next to waxes is synthetic sealants. Since waxes are made from organic components, synthetic sealants on the other hand are manmade.

It is important to know the difference. Carnauba waxes are made from trees, whereas synthetic sealants are made keeping only one function in mind and that is protection. The most common things used in sealants are polymer or Teflon. Since they are manmade, which means they are produced in labs, they have better protection, holding and greater resistance against UV protection.

There was a time, when applying sealants was only the job of professionals but as time passed and technology progressed, so did the sealants.  Sealants are friendly when it comes to budget, lasts longer and provides great protection. Sealants are also easily available at every shop, you can apply it yourself or hire a professional to do the job.

Ceramic/Glass Coatings

Talking about something that is very popular is Ceramic and glass coating. It is used as paint protection and also window tinting. Their names come from the chemical base that they are based on. These coatings consist of SIO2 or Silicon Dioxide that is also found in glass. When applied on your car, these coatings tend to form a protective layer of shell unlike waxes. Ceramic coatings provide excellent protection. They last for years and make every cent count. They have a resistance that is even better as compared to waxes and sealants. They can hold higher temperatures and protect your paint from light scratches and swirls as well.

PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Paint protection film is the last one on the list and the most expensive. PPFs lately used to become yellow or pale after some time due to the adhesive used. However, as time has passed, the quality has improved as well. It can be installed on the entire vehicle especially on areas that are high impact and are prone to scratches. Small rocks, chips and impacts can be handled quite well by such films. Paint protection film provides great protection to your car, it is better to get such jobs done from professionals to ensure optimum protection.

Interesting Facts About Paint Protection Films
  1. Do you know that another name of car paint protection is clear bra? At first, you would think you haven’t heard it right, but it is called clear bra by mechanics.
  2. Like many other things, it was also first developed for military use.
  3. There is no thing as perfect film. You can choose any brand, and it it won’t be 100% perfect.
  4. Not all paint protection films are equal. There are different types according to material, shine, pattern, and warranty.

That’s it. Lastly, we would recommend to choose reputable paint protection film installers Springfield for a good PPF job on your car.

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