How To Maximize Storage When Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Small bathroom renovations are done for two major purposes outside of improving the appearance: increasing space and maximizing storage. If your bathroom doesn’t have enough cabinets and drawers where you can fit your items, increasing storage should be your priority during your bath remodel. Use these ideas.

Add Shower Shelves

Getting the right material for shower shelves may be tricky because you may want to find the material that is the same or matches the shower stall, but if you do, it can add storage where storage is an issue in most bathrooms.

When installing the shelves, ensure that they are on the level that you and other people in your family can reach easily without having to make effort. However, keep in mind that the shelves should be placed well so they don’t get in the way during a shower.

Consider Removing The Bathtub

If your bathroom has a bathtub but it’s used more for drying laundry than bathing, then you should consider removing it. A bathtub takes up much space in a bathroom. After its removal, you will have a big space where you can install storage options like shelves and cabinets.

Ceiling-Height Cabinets

Speaking of cabinets and shelves, a bathroom that has a high ceiling should have tall shelves for more storage. You should consider ceiling-height shelves whichever height your bathroom’s ceiling is because they will increase storage very easily and efficiently.

This is because adding storage only horizontally will leave less space for moving around. If you use vertical storage, you will get the space you need for keeping items while leaving enough space for moving around freely without bumping into a fixture.

Install A Vanity

A vanity includes cabinets and drawers that can hide many of the items that you can take out only when you need to use them. This will make the bathroom clear and free of clutter. Moreover, when you do require to use anything, the counter space of the vanity will prove to be the best place where you can place all the items and get yourself ready for the day or event or anything else.

Use Hidden Storage

As you’re remodeling your bathroom, you can have the bathroom designed to include hidden storage. You can make awkward spaces functional by making them hidden storage spaces. You should get in touch with the bathroom designer or contractor to get ideas on where you can include hidden storage.

Apart from having hidden storage in the design of the bathroom, you can also use furniture that is multifunctional or has hidden storage space.

Use Hooks

You may already be using hooks in your bathroom, but take this as a reminder that how useful hooks are. You can use over-the-door hooks and if you are fine with permanent hooks, install them by your shower or sink, or any space where you need them.

Floating Shelves

If your bathroom doesn’t have a vanity, you can install a floating shelf to serve the same purpose. The shelves can be near the sink or any other open wall space. When opting for floating shelves, be sure to be smart with the width of the shelves so they don’t become a safety hazard. Long and narrow shelves are enough to be the surface for keeping cosmetics and grooming items.

Shelves Near The Sink And Other Places

When remodeling, you can create space for shelves in walls wherever they will be functional. For instance, shelves above or near the sink can prove to be the best option for storage.

Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack

You may have seen these racks in hotels. Wall-mounted clothing can easily provide you the space for hanging clothes without having to fold them and put them in a cabinet. Once you hang your clothes for the next few days or the whole week, all you would need to do is to get in the bathroom and get ready when you need.


A bathroom should look clean and beautiful so you must be smart with storage ideas to increase the storage in your bathroom without affecting the design. Discuss your preferences with bathroom remodel contractors Saint James to get more creative and useful bathroom storage ideas. abbruz

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