Concrete Pavers vs Brick Pavers – Which One Is Better?

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The professionals like masonry contractors are well versed about the technicalities and outcomes of different materials so it is better to ask for their suggestions before choosing anything for your patio. Let’s highlight few of them below.


The life of colors is very important since it is the main factor in aesthetics of your patio and you get the idea of overall design. This is where bricks get more points than concrete as bricks are naturally colored with various types of clays which are even resistant to UV rays. On the contrary, concrete is dyed with color pigments which lessens their life and gets faded over time especially when exposed to UV rays.

Brick pavers earn this point.

Installation Process

This is a very important factor as well since correct and accurate installation is what is going to give you better results in the long term. When comparing the concrete and bricks, concrete is found to be much more easily installed perfectly than bricks which requires extra attention. Concrete is easier to cut with precision making it even friendly for DIY front and backyard projects too. While on the other hand, bricks are very difficult to cut to your desired shape without any damage which results in much higher labor cost as well.

Concrete pavers earn this point.

Wide Variety of Choices

When you are planning to design a patio, you would obviously go for the most modern and trendy designs which you can find in concrete pavers much better than brick pavers. It is because of the great innovations developing in concrete pavers with passing time where more and more new designs and colors are introduced very frequently. On contrary to this, you have a very limited choice in brick pavers as you cannot see this much advancement in bricks due to being a natural material dyed with natural clays. However, bricks are always considered having the most classical and evergreen designs which makes them a trendy fashion in itself.

Draw between both brick and concrete pavers.


Installing pavers is not something you can do every year as it is a long term project and people do not consider renovation for a decade or even more usually. So yes, durability is an extremely important factor where bricks definitely earn more points as it is a natural material which can last for generations. It may crack under high stress of traffic maybe but it is not very common in patio area usually. While, concrete pavers do not last this long with a maximum life to nine to ten years.

Brick pavers earn this point.

Variation in Sizes and Shapes

Since concrete is a synthetic material so you can find wide options of sizes and shapes obviously which is not the case with brick pavers. Brick pavers have a very few sizes available with limited option of sizes as well. Also, bricks usually vary in dimensions slightly due to being a natural material which also makes them quite difficult to install too. On the other hand, you can go for any customization with concrete pavers without any worry for the final look of your patio.

Concrete pavers earn this point.


This factor is somehow related to durability as a good quality product is always considered to last longer. This is where concrete pavers are largely dependent on the recipe used by the manufacturer during its processing. You can get a good quality if you choose a material made by good recipe with correct ratios of ingredients used while you can also experience a very bad quality if you make a mistake in choosing the correct quality. This is not the case with bricks as it is a natural material so there is almost no difference in its composition and you can assure the uniform quality.

Brick pavers earn this point.

Total Cost

The most important factor which directly affects your pocket is the total cost so don’t forget to ask your local patio builder for current rates of market. Since concrete is made of different raw materials so you can find a variety of rates with different qualities to choose as per your budget. Generally, it is considered quite cheaper than bricks where you have limited qualities so obviously it has expensive rates as well.

Concrete pavers earn this point.


As both got same points, it’s a draw. You can go with the one whose strengths you admire more. Lagras

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