What Is The Best And Worst Time For Home Additions

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With time, the condition of your house is bound to deteriorate. Certain things will break down, the paint will come off and plenty of other things will need fixing or placement. However, there is a time for everything. For instance, getting the exterior of your house painted in the winter is not going to be a wise decision. Therefore, if you are confused about the best and worst time for home remodeling addition, give this blog a read.


The summer season is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming seasons, especially winter. If you wish to get a fireplace built or remodeled, this is going to be a perfect time. The reason being that you will be coming home to sit in front of the fireplace. Any sort of home addition or remodeling is perfect for this season.

Since the temperatures are high, any fixture will dry more quickly as compared to the winter season. However, you need to remember that it is an off-season for some, therefore, some businesses might not offer services.


Although summer happens to be the best time of the year to paint your house but depending on the climate where you live, fall can also be a perfect time. For instance, power washing is done in the fall, which is an important step of preparation when it comes to painting buildings. However, before you plan on hiring someone to do the job, make sure that you consult with remodeling experts as well to determine what time will be the best.

Fall is also the time when you can install a new A/C unit. Furthermore, you can get them serviced as well. Instead of being on the wishlist, the professionals will show up at your doorstep. As a result, you can count on your A/Cs to cool the house when the temperatures rise again.


If you wish to enjoy the sun, sitting on the deck, you will want to build it in the early part of the season. Since it is the slowest season for the builders, you will also need to check with a deck designer who will map out a plan. Furthermore, if you want to remodel the existing deck, this is also the right time.

In addition to that, people submit more requests for bathroom remodeling in July than any other month of the year. The remodeling projects are carried through September. Therefore, if you wish to install new tiles, refresh your restroom, and other things, you will find the off-winter season more pleasant and economical to work with.

Worst Season For Home Addition

The worst season also known as the low season is that time of the year when most businesses are out of work. This period typically falls on the extreme weather months. During the season, remodeling projects take more time to complete since the weather can turn for the worst at any time.

However, the good news is that you can get very good deals with businesses offering huge discounts. Therefore, if you are not in a rush, this time of the year will be the best for home renovations.

Best Season For Home Addition

Also known as the peak season, the best time of the year for home additions is also the busiest. You will be put on a waiting list, as the contractors are fully booked. This is also when the service costs are at their highest. Depending on where you live, the peak seasons can vary. Typically, the season happens around May through September.

The reason being that the weather during these months remains perfect, allowing renovation projects to complete faster. So, if you are in a hurry and need to get some home additions done, this is the best time of the year. However, if you can wait, it is best to plan and schedule home addition or remodeling months before the peak season arrives so that you are at the top of the waiting list.

Final Word

And there you have it, the best and worst time of the year for home additions. Remember, the best time will depend on what you need to remodel or add to your house. Doing it the other way will compromise the end result. Also, ask your home addition builder DC about the best time for the specific addition you need.

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