How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair Permanently And Have Straight Hair

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With winter just around the corner, you can notice the havoc this transitioning weather is playing with your hair, especially frizzy hair. It is bothersome to many, but proper treatments such as Japanese hair straightening and keratin treatment can fix them permanently (till they grow out).

There are multiple ways you can get rid of frizzy hair.

Get Your Hair Regularly Trimmed

Many stylists suggest that getting your hair trimmed after every 2 months can minimize the chances of your hair going frizzy. It is because split ends make their way to the hair shaft and cause frizz, and regular trims will finish the likeability of causing frizz.

Give Your Hair An Organic Oil Treatment Regularly

It’s a matter of common observation that the excessive usage of styling products destroys our hair. To reduce the damage, organic oil treatments should be taken at least thrice a week. You won’t have to visit a salon for this. Just take an essential oil of your choice and dilute it in organic carrier oil. Warm the concoction and massage gently through your hair. For best results leave it overnight and wash your hair, as usual, the next morning.

An additional feature of leaving the oil mixture overnight will also relax your nerves and leave you rejuvenated.

Use Moisturizing Products For The Hair

Another tested way to control frizz permanently is the use of a moisturizing shampoo. Moisturizing shampoos can lock in the moisture in the hair and prevent hair frizzing. To seal the benefits of a moisturizing shampoo, always follow with a conditioner. Conditioners can be left in or washed off, depending on the instructions on the package. Many brands have good quality hair masks that can be slathered while your hair is still damp.

Use Tried And Tested Home Remedies

There is no denying that home remedies always come in handy in such instances. To permanently de-frizzing your dry frizzy hair, you can mix up an egg white with yogurt and olive oil. Apply this concoction generously through your parted hair so that it gets absorbed throughout. Leave it for a couple of hours and shampoo as usual. The protein from the egg will cover up keratin deficiency of your hair whereas yogurt soothes the hair with its conditioning and antibacterial properties. Olive oil is long trusted with its ability to impart shine to frizzy hair.

Give Your Hair A Cold Wash

We have heard and witnessed the benefits of a hot water bath but these benefits just exist for the body, not the hair especially not for frizzy hair. When you wash your hair with hot water, it damages the hair follicles. A reliable way is to wash hair with lukewarm water which will help loosen all dirt and product buildup from the roots without damaging them. Finish the cleansing process with cold water to close your pores.

Avoid Hot Irons And Blow-Dryers

If you intend to get rid of dry frizzy hair permanently, avoid hot irons and blow-dryers like the plague. Both of them are considered vital for the hair styling process but they are doing more harm than good to you. Hot irons and blow dryers use high heat which breaks the hair shaft causing hair to frizz.

Keratin Treatments

If these tips and tricks are not your cup of coffee, and you have a couple of hundred dollars to spare, visit a salon, and get a keratin treatment done. During the treatment, your stylist will break your hair’s natural bond which will straighten out all frizzes. Then keratin treatment is applied which will make new bonds and it is sealed by a flat ceramic hot iron. Later down the process, a neutralizer is applied which has to stay in your hair for 48 to 36 hours. This will result in your hair being straight and sleek. The treatment will last for up to 6 months or longer.

Take Good Care Of Your Diet

Take care of your diet for allowing your hair to shine. Bad health reflects in the skin and hair too. If you can overcome your deficiencies with your diet, your dermatologist will suggest supplements. Trusted supplements for dry frizzy hair are omega 3s, silica, biotin, and collagen, iron, etc. They are available throughout drug stores and you can choose from them as per your requirements.

This was some information that can help you in fighting dry frizzy hair and a few of them can work for you too. If you want an easy solution, head to a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac for a hair straightening treatment.

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