How To Get Online Reviews For Your Law Firm

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Online reviews play a significant role in your law firm’s reputation, and they really do matter. This is an age of technology, and everyone owns a smartphone where you can research anything anywhere within seconds. And according to a marketing research, 84 percent of the people do not hire an attorney with less than a four-star average review. So, from here, you can analyze how important it is to get positive online reviews and why employ a customer review software.

Positive reviews rank you higher than your competitors. Some other important benefits of positive reviews are:

  • Proves your credibility
  • Rank you higher
  • Improve your digital engagement and activity
  • Increase your conversion rate

But most often, lawyers struggle to get reviews from their satisfied clients. While unhappy clients are all eager to leave their unpleasant marks online. Read on to know how you can solve this issue and boost your online reviews on the most valued platforms.

Provide Honest Services

The first and most essential thing required for an online review is to provide excellent client services. It is because only honest and dedicated services will give you credibility and a name. Improve yourself by being open to criticism and value your clients’ opinions. Obviously, you’re solving their matter, so their opinion matters; you’re just helping them with your legal knowledge and skills. Make yourself valued among your competitors by providing valuable services; only then will your chances of growing online reviews.

Create Your Profile On The Best Review Sites

To show your credibility and professionalism, you must have a profile on major review sites. There are several review sites, but, following four sites are the major. And if you create your profile on these, it will be easy for your customers to reach you.

Google My Business

Google is the biggest search engine of this age, and there’s no competitor for it so far. So, you can easily rely on it for the long term. Plus, the majority of people use Google My Business for reviews. So, it’ll be easy for you to get more potential clients.


There are billions of daily active users of Facebook. It is the most convenient way to get reviews, as it is easy for the clients to leave reviews while just merely scrolling through Facebook. Moreover, your Facebook profile will show in the google search as well. So, it’s a double win-win for you.


Avvo is specifically tailored for lawyers. It offers “Avvo ratings” for the lawyers. So, it is a premium website for you, and you just can’t ignore it.


Yelp is a very popular website where people look for reviews. So, its importance can’t be ignored. Moreover, it is a site with a high number of genuine reviews as it restricts solicit reviews.

Offer Incentives In Return For Reviews

It is not added to your client’s duty to review you. Plus, they’re not getting anything in return for this much effort. Obviously, you’ve worked for them, but they pay you for that. And there’s no doubt that some of the clients review your law firm out of satisfaction. But if you want a majority to do so, you have to offer them something in return. That incentive can be anything. It can be:

  • A discount
  • A gift certificate
  • Some money

But all of this should not by-pass legal laws.

Make It Easy For A Client To Leave Reviews

This is a fact that your clients don’t have the only issue you’re helping them solve; they have a life to deal with. So, they’re not free to go through a whole lot of pages and links to review your firm. If you want a review, you have to make it easy for them, as it is not their obligation to review you. For that case, there are many methods you can try, such as adding a review page on your website linking. And then, you can send the link to the page in your email asking them to review you. This way, they can directly reach your review page through the link and rate your firm.

Moreover, to make it more effective, you have to follow up with your client, and you have to remind them a few times humbly to review your firm. Moreover, use a review management system to better manage customer reviews.

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