What are the materials commonly used for making patios in the backyard of homes?

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Patio refers to an outside area connected to a house which will be having a solid floor but will not be having any roof and this space or area will be usually used for dining or relaxing purpose or for enjoying good weather in the presence of loved ones. This is the general feeling we get when we hear about patio. If your backyard has enough space to construct a patio, the major portion of the expense for this is involved in the purchase of materials for the construction of patio plus the charges one will have to pay to the masonry contractors.

These days people are getting more interested in patios as they are getting more time to spend in home than it was available previously as result of the speed of modern living given by computer age and the wide spreading of the internet and digital technology.

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Material you are going to use for the patio will be very crucial in deciding the final cost of your patio project. In this article i am going to discuss general materials needed for the construction of a patio. A good knowledge in this matter will help one to select the most suitable and cheapest material for constructing a patio in his house.


Most patio designers consider concrete as the most suitable material for patio. It is not much expensive and it is durable also. Approximately it can be considered as costing around 8 dollars per square foot of patio you are going to construct. It is very easy to maintain also. These are the qualities of concrete, which makes concrete the most suitable material for patios. Another advantage of concrete is that it can be moulded to the desired shape and size and once it is set it will give smooth surface and an attractive appearance.

You only need to wash it every year using a power wash or scrubbing brush to make it clean. Different colors can be applied to concrete so that one can escape from the dull grey color of concrete. Another advantage of concrete is that it can pressed to give different textures to the slab that makes it appear as if it was  made of pavers. The disadvantage with concrete is that it is difficult to install it and if not done carefully there are chances of developing cracks in the concrete. So it is better to get the concrete pouring and smoothening done by professionals.


Brick that are cut into different shapes to make patterns for patios or other similar uses   are known as pavers. Pavers are available in different colors and shapes that allow one to create different patterns. Cost of pavers is little more than that of concrete and it can be approximated as about 25 % more costly than concrete.  To get the desired pattern one may need to cut edges or corners of some pavers, but you will have to pay the money for the whole pavers. This is one disadvantage of selecting pavers as your material for the patio. Maintenance is simple and can be done with the help of a broom and a water hose. It needs yearly sealing. Some home owners like fading of pavers but there are others who like them to remain  forever as it was in its initial days.


Gravel is very cheap, easy to install material for patios. Its maintenance is also simple and easy. The average cost of using gravel for patio will be around 25 % of using concrete for the same work. Its installation is done by pouring gravel using shovel from delivery truck direct into the patio space and then levelling it with the help of a rake.


Any stone that is cut into thin slabs is known as flagstone. They are often available in home improvement stores as well as landscaping companies. The cost of flagstone is the most highest and is almost double than of concrete. But as it gives a long trouble free life, it is not a loss spending money on flagstones for your patio construction. As every piece has to be placed separately installing of flagstone patios will be a difficult process. Although it can be done as DIY project it is advised that those who do not have any experience in masonry work do not go for doing it oneself.   It will be better if the work is entrusted to some experts like stone patio contractors. Lagras

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