7 Valuable House Selling Tips In 2019

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Before you put up your home on the market or contact a real estate agent, make sure you clean up and declutter your house. Get your family to clear out as much junk as possible or at least gather up the mess and place all of it in a trunk or a cupboard. Imagine someone coming over to give you an offer for your property only to find your house looking like a junkyard and leaving without making one.

Expert real estate tips

If you wish to get a good evaluation from a real estate agent as well as an ideal price for your house, make sure your house looks good. Check if your house requires any minor repairs like replacements for missing shingles on the roof, glass for broken windows or doors, fixes for electrical faults etc. If there are any, get them done before contacting a seller’s agent as minor repairs are affordable, cost friendly and make your property look maintained. While you are at it, having you house painted would also be a good idea especially if the current coat is at least a decade old.

Before you go and handover the task of selling your house to a real estate agent, do detailed research about the prevailing prices of similar properties in the market. It is never a good idea to take an agent’s words as an evaluation. If somebody has recently purchased a property in your neighborhood, ask them about the prices as well. Checking the online listings is also a good way to have an idea about the currently prevailing property prices in the market are. You can also contact multiple agents and ask them about the value of your property. Once you have done thorough research you will be able to set a reasonably good asking price for your home. Remember to always leave room for negotiations though.

Once you have determined a price you need to find yourself a right seller’s agent. And by a right agent we mean someone who has ample knowledge about the market value of your neighborhood and a couple of surrounding neighborhoods as well. He should act in your favor and should always safeguard your interest, not of the buyer. A good agent will also guide you if your asking price is over or under. Hopefully, these few things can help you find the right agent to sell your house.

Hiring the best realtor

You may need the help of your agent for this one. Have a meeting with him and discuss with him if he can help you create an exclusive listing. If your agent sells properties by conducting open houses, ask him to keep them to a minimum for your property. If possible, ask your agent to just run a single open house for your property. By gathering all the interested buyers in one place, you would actually be intimidating them. Once they see that others are interested in buying your house as well, they will rush to a decision. This will work in your favor and get you your desired price.

Timing is the key to everything, including putting up your property on the market. We do not want to sound superstitious but many real estate businesses believe that spring is the best time to sell properties and get the highest possible prices. But this depends on your location as well as the type of the property you are selling. It is something your agent would be able to guide you best about. Ask him what would be the best time to put up your property for sale so, it could fetch you a good price.

You can also get a good price if the accessories that come with the house are in perfect working condition. Have things like boiler, heater, and external pipes checked and replaced if necessary, to increase their efficiency of work. Small unnoticeable things like energy efficient light bulbs can also make a huge difference when it comes to evaluating a property with sellers agent.

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