Importance of wedding dances

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Weddings are filled with music and dance where the loved ones celebrate their happiness in the joining together of the bride and the groom. Most wedding receptions are made joyful and unforgettable by the structured dances to honor the loved ones. Engaging good wedding party rentals is unavoidable for the successful completion of all the rituals as well as celebration activities like dancing etc.

Traditional order of wedding dance

For each wedding, the newly wedded couples have to choose a suitable song and give the playlist to the DJ.  In some cases one may be required to give CD containing the music.  It has to be made compulsory that each song will not last more than two minutes to avoid the guests getting bored.  It also must be made clear that dancing is not compulsory and if somebody feels awkward in the lime light he can definitely keep away from dancing.

In some cases, you may need to provide a copy of the music. Limit each song to around two minutes to avoid the guests getting bored. Also, there is no compulsion   to dance.  It is your duty to take care of the feelings of any relatives who may feel uncomfortable in dancing.

First Dance

According to the wedding etiquette which dates back to the Victorian age wedding dance must begin with bride and groom starting to play the first dance. As the host of the event, it is their duty to kick off celebrations.  After entering into the venue many couples often head the dance floor directly as husband and wife for the first time. Some couple wait till all the courses of the dinner are served to start the entertainment while others break up the dinner hour for entertaining the guests. Both the newlyweds and the guests eagerly wait for the time to come when the new couples starts their first dance with the same eagerness as shown centuries ago. The old styled funky hip-hops, honkey-tonk two steps etc are replaced these days by quick and energetic salsas.  Popularity of These dances have skyrocketed as they build confidence in the newly-weds through these inter-actions .

Parent dancers

In olden days bride dances with her parents immediately after her first dance with her love. Although there are some couples who prefer to wait little more. With the modern families it has become a custom for the bride to invite her step-father, grandfather, father-in-law and uncle to join her. If bride wants to dance with more persons it is better if the second person is cut in even though two separate dances are also acceptable.

Immediately after the father-daughter dance, the groom dances with his mother. Next grandparents and parents of both sides are invited to the dance floor for dancing.    This time the groom shares a few minutes with his mother-in-law.

The wedding party that includes the flower girl, the ushers, the ring bearer etc are now ready for dance. It is the duty of the groomsmen to pair up with bridesmaids and it is the best man’s turn to dance with bride. The maid of honor now dances with the bridegroom. Modern couples often opt for upbeat dances like cupid shuffle and electric slide. The DJ invites the rest of the dancers to join the celebration activities.

Cultural dancers

In many cultures throughout South Africa and America money dance has become an important activity of the wedding reception.

Every guest is given an opportunity to congratulate the groom and the bride privately in exchange of a few dollars. Usually after cutting the cake but before the guests start to leave, the money dance takes place. Many couples consider it as their last dance before going out for honeymoon. Chinese lion dance and other cultural dances like Greek Kaslamantiano and Scotish Circassian  Circle etc take place throughout the reception.

The importance of various types of dances in the wedding day celebrations as discussed above shows that how much a wedding co-ordinator has to take care of the dance floor and the dances that are taking place in the marriage even though everything related to the marriage would have been included in the wedding tent rental packages ny.

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