What can be done to help straighten my child’s teeth?

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All parents would like that their kids have an attractive, healthy and bright smile. But nowadays, a lot of kids are experiencing dental issues, amongst which crooked teeth is very common. Both genetic factors and environmental factors can cause teeth irregularity among kids. Dentists believe that early treatment is always favorable. It is recommended to start treatment of oral and teeth problems at an early stage.

Crooked and twisted teeth can hurt the self-reliance of children so it is necessary to fix this issue as soon as possible. By offering a stunning smile with straight teeth, you can boost up self-esteem of your kids and can offer good oral health for long run. If your kid has crooked teeth, you should consult with an orthodontist immediately. When it comes to aligning crooked teeth of kids special treatment plans are offered by dentists. It is imperative to choose the best treatment available because it is all about comfort and smile of your kids. Let us look at the difference in available treatment options for kids.


This is the most common and popular treatment for crooked and unstructured teeth. The fixed braces are proficient enough to fine-tune the position of teeth consistently. It may be a time-consuming process but offer effective results. There are two types of braces available – Metal braces and clear or invisible braces. Depending on your need and choice of you kids, you can go for metal braces or tooth colored braces. Tooth colored braces are less visible than metal braces. However, when it comes to durability metal braces are better especially for kids.

Damon braces

Apart from conventional braces, damon braces are also available for kids’ teeth straightening. These braces use a unique low resistance mechanism that diminishes friction and binding allied with traditional braces. They put comparatively lesser force and offer more convenient treatment to the kids.


Invisalign is a cutting-edge treatment and wonderful alternative of traditional braces. This method is all about straightening teeth with a series of aligners step by step. These aligners are invisible and removable. In compare to other options, invisalign is comfortable, effective and inexpensive way to get straight teeth. It is a hassle free treatment that allows your kid to smile with confidence even during the treatment. Clear aligners are removable so your kids can enjoy eating without any hassle and can continue brushing and flossing conveniently.

Surgery to the jaws

Often times, muscles can also be a cause unstructured teeth problems in children. Sometimes, dentist recommends surgery to the jaws to get back the original shape. However, it can be expensive but in some cases it is only option to fix the problem. If you have decided to go for surgery to the jaws, rely on a specialist only.

Consult to your dentist and help your kids to get a striking smile along with high level of confidence by choosing a right teeth straightening method.

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