6 Wedding Lighting Tips You Should Knows

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Wedding receptions are the most anticipated events and it’s natural to be stressed over them because you want everything to be perfect. Though wedding party rentals can take care of this if you hire them, here are some things you need to know about wedding lighting and how to nail it.

Find Someone Who Knows Lighting

It’s very important that you know what type of lighting works best for what type of venue. This is why it’s better to hire someone who can do the heavy and meticulous work for you, while you can take care of the rest.

A lighting specialist or even a wedding planner knows a lot about lighting and what type of lighting will look best for your particular event. They will know the placement of lights, the use of lights that can double up as décor, and more. These things will make all of the difference on your big day.

Avoid Candles

There is a no-flame policy at weddings, so you can throw the idea of using candles at your wedding out of the window. But it doesn’t mean that you have run out of options. You can use electronic candles and fake candles to set the mood.

They have a pretty flickering ambient light, which adds the same warmth and cozy feeling as a candle, but it’s far less dangerous and easy to use. You can also have them placed in vases and on each table to add an extra bit of oomph to your décor.

Use Natural Light

As far as photography is concerned, nothing will give you the best results than natural light. If your wedding is taking place in the hours of the evening, then you should take advantage of all the natural light.

The lighting after 5 pm, also known as the golden hour, will give a soft and beautiful blurring effect to your photos and it will also give the warm undertones you are looking for, but it won’t be as overwhelming as fake lights. Even if you don’t have your wedding in daylight hours, it’s a good idea to have your wedding photoshoot done in this light, as the results will be out of this world.

Pick Your Undertone

This is a very important thing you need to do. You need to choose the undertones you are looking for. There are lighter undertones with a cooler blue hue and then there are warm undertones, with a yellowish-orange hue. Lights can either be in warm or cool undertones and the undertone you choose will be the deciding factor as to how saturated your pictures are.

If you’re looking for a soft hazy glow, then warm undertones are perfect and you should go for yellow lights, and if you want something that makes your features pop and more pronounced then you should go for white lights with cooler undertones.

When In Doubt, Use LED

LED lights are an amazing invention. They are not only energy efficient, but they are also available in a huge variety. You can get ring lights, string lights, fairy lights, and even light bulbs powered by LEDs. LED is also available in a variety of undertones and these lights also double up as beautiful and dainty decorations and the results are beautiful in pictures.

If you have no idea as to which lights are the best option for your event, then you can go for LED lights.

The Placement Matters

The placement of the lights matters the most. You want the light to illuminate everything and make things visible, but you also want them to be in the background of pictures, especially if they are beautiful and dainty, like string or fairy lights.

It’s important to keep the perimeter of the reception well-lit and also the tables and other entertainment areas. No one wants a dark and gloomy wedding reception, so it’s crucial to know the right areas where lights will work their magic and make your reception look alluring.


There you have it! In weddings, lighting plays a huge role. It can make all of the difference in how your wedding picture turns out and how your wedding reception looks, in general. To save money, check out wedding rental packages Frederick that include all the essential wedding items.

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