How Can I Hide My Tape-In Extensions

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One of the many types of hair extensions is tape-in extensions. These extensions are secured in your hair through adhesive tapes. If you are concerned about these tapes peeking through your hair, then either get them done from a hair salon or keep on reading to find out ways to keep the tape concealed and hidden.

The Sectioning Matters A Lot

One of the main things to keep in mind about extensions is the art of properly sectioning your hair. You want to section your hair to the best of your ability so that your hair can act as a concealing agent for your extensions. You want to start at the point above your ears and go all throughout the curve of your head. Pick up the hair from there and put it up in a bun.

From here, you will start to section the hair, going down towards the nape of your neck. This will give you a lot of hiding room for your extensions and this trick also works best even if you have thinner hair. Once you let the top part of your hair down, it will automatically conceal the hair and you will be showing no tapes.

Don’t Stick Them To The Scalp

Another thing to keep in mind when using tape-in extensions is to not stick them directly or very close to the scalp. You don’t want to use your scalp as a sticking ground for the tapes. The best way you want to apply the extensions on your hair is by staying close to the scalp and sticking the tape on the hair coming out of the scalp, going in the direction of the hair. This will prevent any weird bumps from forming in the hair when you let it down.

Stick Them With A Technique

The best way to stick tape in hair extensions is by a technique called the brick stacking technique. If you have seen a wall of bricks, you will see that they are put on top of each other, but not in a straight line.

The arrangement is irregular and in a spontaneous way. This is the same way you want to stick your extensions as you go down. Don’t apply all of them in a single line. Try to scatter them throughout the hair and make a brick-like arrangement.

You will see how smooth the end result will look and you won’t have any weird things sticking out of your hair, because the brock arrangement allows the hair to sit straight and down in the direction of gravity.

Try Concealing Hairstyles

Another thing you can try to hide your hair tape effectively is to take advantage of the hairstyles you are doing. Try to choose hairstyles that will automatically hide your tape-in extensions, even if it is showing. Try to let your hair down and curl it. This is by far the most foolproof way of hiding your hair extensions while having a neat hairstyle as well.

The hairstyle needs to be loose and free as you don’t want any extension tape to stick out. You can also go for loose ponytails, buns, and side braids, as long as they are hiding the extensions.

Don’t Tie Your Hair Too Tightly

Last but not least, you don’t want to do anything to your hair that will make it look and feel too tight. This goes for both the hairstyles as well as the hair extensions application. You want the extensions to be snug but not too tight. Also, for hairstyles, you want to go for something which isn’t tugging too much on your hair like a high and tight ponytail or a very tight bun. Tight hairstyles will make the extensions peek out and the tape will show, which is something you don’t want in concealing hair extensions.


There you have it! The last thing you want is to shoe the tapes of your hair extensions and give away the illusion that your hair is naturally long and thick. These tips will help you in keeping the tape hidden behind your locks. If you want the best results, visit a hair extensions salon for applying any kind of extensions. Hypno

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