Do you believe in gambling superstitions?

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A good number of gamblers are superstitious and they have gambling superstitions people in the world who will do anything to pick up their chances of winning. The only wish a gambler dreams of – an unlimited supply of cash and a winning streak. Well, such wish can never exist, so they make do with superstitions. Here is a look at some of the famous gambling superstitions:

  • Many players avoid entering the casino through the entrance. The main entrance of the MGM in Las Vegas, modeled after the MGM film studios, was through the mouth of a lion. Many believed that it was a dual curse to walk into the mouth of the beast. So, MGM redesigned their entry in 1997.
  • Many players do no accept $50 bills. Legend has it that some mobsters used to tuck $50 bills in the pockets of their victims before burying them in the desert. Some also do not prefer $2 bills.
  • A gambler never counts the money while playing. This belief was immortalized in the Kenny Rogers song, ‘You never count your money when you sitting at the table…’
  • You will never come across someone singing or whistling as it brings bad luck. When someone passes by a cemetery, no one whistles and this thought carried on to gambling too.
  • Many Asians wear a red cloth while gambling as it was popularized in the film, ‘Kung Fu Mahjong’. There are some who prefer to wear their favorite color while gambling. When Steve Dannenmann won the second place and took $4.2 million dollars at the World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions, 2005, he gave credit to his lucky shirt and visor that he wore at a stretch for 7 days.
  • Many believe in numbers too. For example, 13 is thought to be an unlucky number in the West while Asians think that 4 carries bad mojo. 8 is considered as a lucky number game in China because when it is pronounced as ‘ba’ in Chinese, it sounds similar to the word ‘fa’ which means prosperity.
  • Crossing legs while playing will cross out your good luck. One of the reasons why the chairs are closer to the slot machines.s
  • Some craps players ask for a beautiful woman to blow the dice for good luck while some get a lady to roll the dice for them.
  • We all have heard about the rabbit’s foot, but there are many who also use coins, amulets to win the game. Some believe that tapping the deal button on the slot machine for a certain number of times between each reel increases their winning chances. Some poker players cover their cards with a token.

Whether one agrees or disagrees, all of us have one or two superstitions when gambling. As long as you do not allow superstitions to control you, believe in anything that will bring you luck.

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