10 Shocking Divorce Related Facts And Stats

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Some marriages last a life time, some couldn’t, the couple consult a divorce lawyer and get separated. There are many facts and stats that no one knows about divorce, some are:

Facts Related to Divorce

  1. Facebook/Social Media – A Leading Cause Of Divorce

Studies have shown that in the past few years, Facebook has been the main cause of separation between the couples. It is because when you spend hours of your day using Facebook or any other social media site then the association between you and your partner gets interrupted which can ultimately result in fight, breakup or even divorce.

  1. The Most Expensive Divorce Cost $4.5 Billion

In 2014, a Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev got separated from his wife Elena. His wife couldn’t take much of his infidelities, drinking and constant partying. She consulted a divorce lawyer and after that, she won the child custody of her 13-year-old daughter. He was ordered to award $4.5 Billion to his wife Elena by the courts.

  1. Divorce Hotel

This is one of a weird fact about divorces that there is a divorce hotel established for couples who want to get separated. It is located in New York where you go in as a married couple and check out as a single divorced person. The couple gets two different rooms. You can call up your family lawyer or consult directly a divorce lawyer along with the papers for divorce. Mostly people who are really cultured and civilized with no financial problems go there for their divorce.

  1. 50% Of Couples Regret Their Divorce Decision

Couples who take the decision of divorce in a hurry in anger and frustration of that time regret their decision later. Some take back their divorce request from their family lawyers, some give it a second though while most of them remarry their ex-partners and give their relationship a new try.

  1. Multiple Kids Can Increase Your Chance of Getting Divorced

Many couples separate their ways after they have twins or triplets. It is because they can’t afford a large family. They are also not provided with extra support which results in permanent separation of the partners.

  1. Throwing a Divorce Party

A new trend has started in which separated couples are throwing a divorce party individually. If you are happy with your divorce then you can arrange a party and invite all your friends to celebrate your happiness.

  1. Alarming Signs That the Couple is About to Get Divorced

You are likely to get a divorce if you receive following warning signs:

  • Dreaming about a life without your partner.
  • Lack of communication between you two.
  • There are so many negativities that they have supersede the positivity and happiness.
  • Disparaging your partner.
  • The feeling that you are the only one who does all the efforts to make your relationship healthy.

Divorce Stats

Following are the things that are associated with divorce statistics;

  1. Divorce Rate

Divorce rate and divorce stats are closely related. They indicate the number of marriages that have ended per 1000 residents in a year. Studies have shown that by 1970, divorce rates have increased in most of the countries. Highest rates of divorce has been recorded in the United States and Belgium. There are many social security benefits provided to the singles in Belgium which has been a great reason for divorces there. While, in Chile divorce rates are the lowest. It is because they have introduced this law in the early 21st century. Before that, you couldn’t get divorce there.

  1. Number of Marriages

According to the researches, the number of marriages started to decrease since 1970s. It is because most of the couples have started to move in to a separate house and live their life without getting married. It has now became socially accepted to live together without getting married.

  1. Marriage Duration

Average age of marriages has found to be 10-15 years max.

There can be many expected or unexpected reasons for getting a divorce. If you think you can’t live with your partner anymore then ask your family lawyer Fairfax to send them a notice and prepare legal papers for your divorce.

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